I still can't understand why Gamigo shuting down the servers and Atlas Reactor. You bought Trion with all their games, including AR. Players are not stupid and they know that games are made for making money by developers, and not for players which want to play for free. Yes, we agree that Atlas has not gained popularity and either does not generate income or is at a loss. You have a Trove that brings in enough revenue and for which updates are regularly made. Is there really not enough money to keep the Atlas servers running?

Well, you are don't want to keep a dead project afloat, then why you don't sell it to other developers and get money from it? For example, you could sell Atlas Reactor to Blizzard, their moba HOTS is died not so long ago and you basically sell them a game with a good and interesting lore, a unique gameplay that has been honed over the years, cybersport potential and a very loyal and active fan base (albeit small) . Yes, they will tear off the Atlas with your hands and pay for it, because in fact it is already a finished game that just needs advertising, more players and more frequent updates. Why lose the benefits and condemn the project to death by shutting down the servers, if you can do well for both players and yourself? I can't understand why everything should end like this. It is really stupid and sad