First of all im a big fan of your game, and it's sad to hear that it is gonna be shutdown. I am here to ask for one thing I have been searching for ever since you released my favorite freelancer,
NEV :3 . Ever since her release I have been searching for someone who stored her voice lines or recorded it somewhere or someone who has a gallery of all the cute art of her, yet today I haven't found these yet. So please could you do me one big favor and sent me some of her art or voice lines as mp3 (if you can send them here or to my email: . I love your game alot and I wanna store that love for it in a file somewhere so me and my friends can have fun and laugh at all the cat puns. Thanks so much for creating this great game it's been a joy and I hope you can help me create a little personal museum of this game. But yeah big love to all the developers of this game, I hope you still see this post before it's too late <3 <3 <3