i'm not really good with names

(not an english native, so i may f* something up, be gentle)

i like elle's dash concept, the dash gives you the chance to evade some damage, but being only 1 square gives the enemy a chance to actually hit you, so most people give it a try, making a really fun game of predictions, i wanted to make a character who also did this "i dash a lot but you can predict me" thing but trying to be a little original at least

axe guy (from now on axe) fullfils the role of a melee firepower, having a small healthpool and dealing bunch of damage, what he gains in dashes, he looses it in range
axe has about 130 hp
axe has a unique mechanic of being armed/unarmed, canstantly changing and modifying his abilitys

PRIMARY (1)(BLAST): axe deals damage in a cone shaped area in front of him, kinda like the first half of tol ren's 1
ARMED: axe swings his axe dealing about 40-ish damage and generating about 9-ish energy per enemy hit
UNARMED: axe kicks in an arc dealing some 29-ish damage and generating about 13-ish energy per enemy hit

(2)ARMED(BLAST)no cooldown) axe trows his axe becoming unarmed dealing 25-ish damage in a straight line and generating 10-ish energy per enemy
the axe damages all enemys in the line and will land in the ground at the end of the trayectory, during the decision phase, the player aims the trayectory of the skill and can also decide the distance traveled, being posible to make the attack finish halfway in order to make the axe land in a particular place, by doing this, the damage will also stop there(logically)

(2)UNARMED(PREP)free action,no cooldown): the axe teleports back to you, if you were to use your 1 this turn it'll cound as ARMED

the skill is the main way for axe to change between armed and unarmed, both skills have no cooldown, but since you can only use one every turn, each skill is the other one's cooldown, even still it is posible to use the trow every turn if the player were to trow his axe 4 spaces or less and pick it up during the move phase, since walking over it will make axe pick it up and become ARMED

(3)(BLAST)4 turn cd), axe trows a spartan kick dealing about 25-ish damage and generating 12-ish energy
(we all watched that movie, the "THIS IS SPARTA" scene), the hitbox is about pup's 1 and it always pushes the enemy away from axe

i just wanted something cool that combos whit the dashing and rotating around you thing
(4)UNARMED(DASH)3 turn cd,free action, cant be used the same turn as 2) axe teleports wherever his axe is on the map and picking it up, axe can move the turn after this, even if this is a free action, it wont allow full movement.
since axe picks his axe, if he were to use his 1 this turn it will count as ARMED

5(DASH)no cooldown, free action): costs 50 energy: axe dashes up to 2 spaces away, if he uses his 4 in the same turn, distance decreases to 1, axe can move after this, even if it's a free action, it wont allow full movement


the whole idea is that axe plays like a melee elle, but instead of taking the risk one or 2 turns, this hero has to do it everytime he wants to deal damage, he has the backup plan in his 4 ability, but also the chance to be greedy and attack armed for more damage, taking away his own chance to dash on the next turn
also his dahes are his ult instead of a cooldow, requiring energy instead of time, giving you the reward for being greedy and staying in the middle of the fight