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Thread: HOW TO SAVE THE DEAD GAME? Raise AR together! #

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    Exclamation HOW TO SAVE THE DEAD GAME? Raise AR together! #

    We all know the problem of a catastrophically low online in game, which is the cause of 70% of the problems that players complain about. Without players the ranked system does not works, we get unbalanced setup of teams in PvP, where a team of newbies-friends who just trying the game can constantly play against a strong team, because there are no other players in the queue, we wait 2000+ seconds in ranked, because often people are not enough even for one match. You should not be indifferent to this topic, in the end you boil in one pot. Spread this post to community managers or devs.
    Also, thanks to the players, the priority of game development is reduced. Less players = less donate = less attention to the game = less updates. And nobody wants to play in game without updates.
    It turns out a vicious circle. Players want updates, and developers want donate and more players. What to do to please both sides? I'll try to offer a couple of ideas for developers and players.

    For Devs:
    1) Referal system. The referral system in the game isn't bad, but it gives almost no positive results to the player who is invited to the game. 7 days of all characters? Are you seriously? Do you want to entice a player into the game who will endure her problems? What you need to include in the items for new player: 7 days of all freelancers, 1500 ISO for buying taunts or skins, 10k flux, 7 days double xp boost for freelancers and 1 matrix of every trust.

    2) Attracting players from other projects. Your most popular game is Trove, from which you can entice an audience here. The conditions are pretty simple. Boost any character in Atlas Reactor to level 10 and get a unique mount/wings in Trove. By farming level 10, the player will have time to evaluate the game and mechanics and may be interested in it.

    3) Buy advertising for AR at least somewhere.

    4) To hold and attract players add more grind. Personally, I love the grind process, and in this game you can only grind Flux/ISO to buy freelancers and taunts/skins/emotions/overcons, levels of freelancers (although it's better to buy a pack of all characters). The fact is that the grind ends at level 20, where you can buy “unique” skins for a character, get a gold frame and a title. Yes, this is not the end. We can raise the level to 100, getting new frames at the 40, 60, 80 and 100 levels and freelancer's matrix every 5th lvl after 20, but this is no a sufficient motivation to grind. For me, the character ceases to be interesting after getting the 20th level, even though I love to play on him.
    Personally, I propose to add new titles for each character on levels 40, 60, 80, 100. Instruct players to create them and then select the best. Also in the future, you can create unique skins or VFX, which are available for purchase at level 100. I also recommend issuing 3 Legendary Loot Matrix at these levels.

    5) Create a unique game event: Marathon. If described briefly, the players will have to fulfill the conditions, the fulfillment of which requires a long time in the game for a long time (2-4 weeks). Rewards can be different and depending on them, you can adjust the duration of the event and its complexity: it can be a discount and the opportunity to get one of the freelancers which cost 75k flux (for those who don’t donate and are willing to pay time and support online instead of money), a unique skin , one of donate skins, title, emotion, emblem, background (you can also distribute old emblems and backgrounds in this way, many of them are very beautiful and many will donate time instead of money), prestige points or the opportunity to get a new freelancer a week before his entry into the game (sort of AZ, where we can get this hero and play on it before it can be bought at the store or we receive it from the pack of all freelancers).
    I give an example of an event. Marathon: “Hunt for Iceborn”, where you can get Vonn for FREE.The marathon consists of 6 stages that open as you progress. The lead time is 3 weeks. Each stage looks like a set of tasks (as сhapters of the season, only complicated ones) and each one gives a 15% discount on the hero in Flux and real money, especially difficult 6th stage, he gets a character for free+1 Vonn's lootmatrix+20 gg boosters+1 day double xp booster). I do not think that this event will be very difficult or costly to implement, you just need to complete the tasks of chapters in stages, draw interface icons and make art in the main menu for the game event. And of course the prize itself.

    The beauty of this idea is that in this way we can raise online in the game by stimulating with “free” content players who don’t donate and buy characters for Flux, as well as experienced players who may be interested in prestige points for golden VFX and new emotions, also some old content. Well, given the fact that large updates in AR are rare, such events will be diverge like "hot cakes" XD) It can also stimulate a player to donate thanks to a discount on a character or skin.

    6) Being more active in communicating with the audience and reporting plans about game.

    For Players(Trite but effective):

    1) Invite friends to play in AR. Each of you has a couple of live and online friends who can be try to play AR. Moreover, most likely they are playing DOTA 2, LOL, it should not be a big problem (Offer them be your referral, etc.)

    2) You are watching streamers on Twitch and Youtube. Surely, among of them are those whose audience has 1-50k people and you can offer them to play AR with subscribers, since the game is on this and it is sharpened. Thanks to a small audience, there is a good chance that you will be heard and we get free advertising and potential players.

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    Those are all very good ideas. Here is the problem, Atlas Reactor was NEVER going to be a huge success no matter what the developers did. Yes, they made mistakes, and yes those mistakes hurt. However AR is very unique, frankly I cannot think of another game like it. The fast paced MMO fans think the turn timer makes the game too slow and the TBS strategy players think the turn timer is too fast. It is also a difficult game to get good at. I had 3 of my friends try it and none of them stuck with it. A shame.

    About your suggestions. It is too late. In the US we have a saying 'do not throw good money after bad'. If someone throws good money after bad, they spend more money on something that they have already spent money on in an attempt to make it succeed, even though this is unlikely. There is no budget to make big changes to the game, I was shocked to see new mods.

    There have been no new posts by devs here in a long time. I am afraid nothing will change.

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    In something you are right. Atlas will never be very popular. Now the market of MOBA games is occupied by DOTA 2 and LoL, After all, now most popular genre-Battle Royale. But the fact that Atlas is too unique to be successful is not true. The only difficulty in game is understanding the mechanics of the phases. In the training, it's was told very badly. When I started to play, I didn’t even understand why someone makes a dash before my attack, why someone using skills earlier than others, why an opponent I killed first shoots back, etc. This mechanic is not very complicated, but it is almost not explained, and without its understanding it is impossible to play and it is not at all clear. Nevertheless, Atlas is very easy to learn. This is not Dota, where you need to know timings, bends, know in what order to pump skills, what to buy for a hero, know abilities and how to play against more than 100 heroes whose skills you cannot master until you play them.

    Atlas is much simpler. If you understand the mechanics of phases, then in order to roughly understand the skills and capabilities of each character, you only need to play on it / against it 1 time. Only 1 time, you do not need to watch a bunch of guides, the hero is clear from the first time and you just have to adjust to his features. Atlas is rid of unnecessary nonsense things like farm. The variability still remained-mods that allow you to tune the character for themselves. Everything else is a matter of practice. The Atlas Reactor also has a very good match time. On average, the match lasts about 20 minutes. It is enough to get pleasure and tension from full-fledged rivalry and these are not protracted sessions where you sit for about 40-60 minutes in one match. It is very convenient in time managment

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    Where can i found the gift ?

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