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  • Ranked has started for the season!
  • Rank wins now award 40 Prestige Points and losses award 10.
  • New Taunt for Lex, Rampart and Brynn added for purchase in the collection for Prestige Points!
  • Cloudspire has thawed.
  • Mad Love has begun! Purchase Loot Matrix packs for bonus Mad Love Loot Matrixes. Keep an eye out for Alerts that award Mad Love Loot Matrixes.
  • Mad Love skins will be available for direct Iso purchase after 2/26, until 3/5. An additional Variant for each Mad love skin added!
  • Chapters 6 and 7 completion awards three Mad love Loot Matrixes!
  • Every 10 levels after level 500 now award Legendary Loot Matrixes!
New Mods:These mods will initially be excluded from Ranked much in the same way that new Freelancers are held back initially. Loadouts for Ranked are now separated from PVP, and can be set in Ranked matches or Draft custom games.Blackburn
  • (Equalizer) Close Quarters - Deal an additional 6 damage to enemies within 2 spaces.
  • (Proteus Grenade) Collateral Damage - Area of effect increased.
  • (On The Run) Perfect Getaway - Cooldown reduced by 1 if no enemies are hit.
  • (Safecracker) Pilferer - Increased aiming Variance to 180 degrees
  • (Overcharge) Undercharge - Reduced damage, can be used for two attacks
Gremolitions Inc.
  • (Boom Boom)Triple fun - Increases number of mines to three, Reduces direct damage by 6.
  • (Riot Shield) Fortification - Grants 10 shields to nearby allies.
  • (Razor Tempest) Wave of Steel - Increases number of shurikens by 1. Reduced damage and energy.
  • (Spectre of Death) Vengeance Seeker - Range increased by 2.
  • (Afterburners) Engage NOS - Grants Haste next turn
  • (Superheated) Spontaneous Combustion - Lasts 1 additional turn. Automatically activates when usable.
  • (Tripwire) Extra Battery Life - Duration increased by 2 turns
  • (Backup Plan) Perfect Angle - Might next turn
  • (Embiggify) Medicat - You and any allies the disc travels over are healed by 6.
  • (Overwatch Drone) Taser Drone - Enemies hit are weakened until end of next turn.
  • (Fusion Pulse) Path of Destruction - Width of shot doubled
  • (Pounce)Frolic - Gain 8 shields and 2 energy for every ally that is adjacent to you after you pounce. These shields last until broken.
  • (Ren’s Fury) Way of the Scorpion - Energy gained from being hit increased by 2.
  • (Cold Snap) Rimescale - Target Gains 8 shields
  • (Polar Vortex) Climate Engineer - Lasts an additional turn, deals 10 damage on final turn.
  • (Rocket Jump) Long Range Love - Range increased by 2
  • (Stand and Fight) Curved Blade - Can now bounce off one wall
  • (Guardian Angel) Herald of Decay - Enemies hit are weakened until end of next turn.
  • (Impale) Tip of Justice - Enemies on the tip of the spear take extra damage.
  • (Soaring Shield) Boomerang - The shield continues after hitting a target. If you bounce it back to yourself, reduce the cooldown by 1.
  • (Heavy Metal) Fuel Rods - Now has 2 stocks, cooldown increased to 6
  • (Power Drive) Clobbering Time - If only hitting enemies in the second or third arc power drive will only lose one arc of range.
  • (Horns Up) Adaptation - Heals instead of shields on second turn if you do not dash
  • (Lair) Aftershock - Quakes again next turn for 12 damage.
  • (Uncontrollable Fury) Lingering Plasma - Plasma persists 1 additional turn.
  • (Berserker Charge) Single Minded - Increased damage to primary target. That enemy is followed this turn)
  • (Paralazer) Pulse Beam - Now a free action. No longer applies shields.
  • (Heart of the Storm) Wave of Light - Knockback all adjacent enemies.
  • (Refreshing Spray) Flounder - Additionally weakens enemies hit for the turn. Generates 2 energy per enemy hit.
  • (Bubble Trouble) Double the Bubble - Persists an additional turn if the shield isn't broken.
  • (Blast Shield) Power Transfer - No longer generates energy. Shielded target gains 10 energy.
  • (Disruption Matrix) Firewall - Blocks vision for enemies.
  • (Take Aim) Recharging Mark - Cooldown of Take aim is reset if it is not triggered.
  • (Rain of Arrows) Umbrella Weather - If only one enemy is hit they are Scrambled until end of next turn.
  • (Reforge) Crusader - Range of Reforge reduced by 2. Base movement increased by 1.
  • (Boneshatter) Conqueror - Angle of attack increased.
  • (Martial Master) Toad Style - If 2 or more enemies are hit gain 10 shields next turn.
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