(not an english native, so i may f* something up, be gentle)

the idea of a non aggressive freelancer has been in my mind for a while, together with the idea of dying a lot, so here is my best shot

NAME: 4D (for dangerous deployment-disposable droid)
4D is a non aggressive character, wich means he doesn't have any means to directly attack an enemy,he would be a builder of sorts, he can still do some damage tho, but his main role is to annoy, as much as he can
4D has about 100 hp
4D doesn't regenerates energy at the end of the turn

PRIMARY (1)(PREP):FREE ACTION: range 1, can't be placed on top of an enemy, can't be placed on top of a power up spawning thingy
4D places a link to the reactor to power up further constructions, the link works as a deployed gremo mine, allowing full movement for both teams and dealing damage to enemies who pass trough it(30ish something), links are permanent, they will remain in place for the rest of the game, every link placed will increase 4D's end of turn energy gain by 6

being a no cd free action, the idea for 4d is to deploy one every single turn, being your only way to deal damage, it requires you to be smart about where, being range 1, it requires you to think where you go

(2)(PREP): 2 turn cd; range 1, can't be placed on top of a power up spawning thingy
4D generates a small health orb for anyone on the team to grab it, the health orb behaves as a normal-spawned after getting a kill orb

4D main support skill, cheap heals on low cd allowing you to use it everytime you can, pros: no fear for overheals, cons: your team will have to move for them

(3)(PREP):3 turn cd, range 1, can't be placed on top of an enemy, can't be placed on top of a power up spawing thingy
4D places a trap, rooting any enemy who passes-steps on it, the trap size is only one square and will last 3 turns, if an enemy dashes trough the trap, they will be root where they land

(4)(BLAST):3 turn cd
4D gets replaced by a new 4D unit, the new 4D unit will be full health, if the old 4D unit were to die this turn it won't count as a point for the enemy team, the new unit was just made so it wont have any energy on it

this is the tricky skill, it will basically full your health at the end of the blast phase, preventing you from dying if that were the case, it may sound a little powerfull at first, but think about it a little:
1 4D has only 100 hp (110 if you heal yourself during that cd)
2 4D is a meele hero
3 4D has no dashes
4 4D has no ways trade damage with you
5 you loose all of your energy
6 you can still kill him during the dash phase
i think he deserves some good sustain, and what best sustain than just getting rid out of his damaged *** and replacing him with A NEW 4D UNIT, READY TO WORK!

5(PREP): costs 100 energy, range 10-ish something
4D chooses an already placed link on the map, said link will be connected to the link he places this turn, the connection is a straight line visible to everyone and lasts 1 turn,
enemies passing trough the connection take 30 damage

this is 4D's main goal, if you place a link every turn, you get to do this every 2 turns by turn 10 and every turn by turn 18, 4D is a late game hero, being capable of lots if you didn't died and placed your links correctly but punishing you by delaying your power spike if you die

now some mods
1- mods:
(3) allies standing on top of your links are energized until they leave (too op?)
(2) enemies that pass trough it are revealed (cuz kaijin is gonna focus you anyway)
(1) enemies standing on top of it are weakened (nobody is gonna willingly do it but you can displace and stuff)
(2) links provide vision in the 4 squares up-down-left-right

2- mods:
(3) your allies(but not you) are healed for 5 more
(2) orbs provide vision in the 4 squares up-down-left-right until picked up
(2) gain haste on use
(2) the enemy team will see the healt orbs green instead of grey, but they wont be able to grab them(too annoying?)

3- mods:
(2) gain haste on use
(2) trap also deals 15-ish damage
(2) dude is also slowed next turn (all root skills have a mod that to this)

4- mods
(3) gain haste on use
(2) on death explode dealing 20 damage in a 1 square area around you
(2) if not dead regain half of your energy
(2) on death spawn a big health orb that only your team can pick (you'll be full hp so you wont grab it)

5- mods
(2) enemies can be damaged any number of times by the connection and the links on the first turn, but they take 10 less damage everytime (30->50->60)(very unlikely scenario, but who knows ?)
(2) if 2 is used on the same turn, instead of spawning an orb allies passing trough the connection on the first turn are healed by 15, you get healed by 10 if you do it
(2) if 3 is used on the same turn, instead of arming a trap, enemies passing trough the connection are slowed
(2) allies passing trough the connection will be energized next turn
thats pretty much all about his skills
about his lore:

have you ever wondered who is there to build the cities around the reactors? nobody does, still we 4Ds are mass produced to make the cities grow, and we do our best on it, mainly because we were programed to feel unimaginable pain if we don't, at the end we all 4Ds wish for the same thing, to last longer than a day and achieve the title of 5D (for dangerous deployment-disposable droid "durable") they give you a hat for that, the actual record is at 5 hours, i believe we are making progress

about his art and personallity, 4Ds are frail robots, and quite aware of their disposble nature, you can imagine them like the drones from the star wars movies, clumsy and suicidal, whenever he takes damage you can hear him say things like "welp, there goes my arm", "worry not friends, i'm cheap" or "i lasted more than an hour anyway", when he respawns or get replaced with his 4 you can hear him say "i'm ready to take on the world... who i'm i kidding, i'll die here today" or "are we eco-friendly and recyclable?"

and that's pretty much it, i hope you like it, feedback is appreciated