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Thread: Fourlancer Ranked

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    Fourlancer Ranked

    I highly suggest implementing a Fourlancer Ranked aswell.

    Nothing would be different to normal ranked, instead of the game mode.

    draft would be done by two people, banning and choosing all characters.

    I think a fourlancer ranked would push the community pretty good. Also less salt because you cannot blame your teammates :P
    Aaaaaand almost no waiting time, because you only need 2 Players :3

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    I also think fourlancer ranked would be awesome.

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    On the one hand i don't dislike the idea itself, but on the other this will kill already half-dead normal ranked and i do happen to like the 4 people messy and sweaty interactions.

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    I dont think its a good idea because its just one more way to segregate even more the queues. AR doesnt have enough people to play ranked AND fourlancer ranked.

    In fact it would be better if they get rid of the normal game modes and apply some sort of ladder to everyone instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotokoZeratul View Post
    In fact it would be better if they get rid of the normal game modes and apply some sort of ladder to everyone instead.
    this would be a good idea imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibbel View Post
    this would be a good idea imo.
    It is.

    Right now RANKED is no different than a normal game mode. You will always are going to be queued with the same 30 or more people who only plays ranked matches and spam games to get to a higher elo. Its not a real measurement of skill for most players involved.

    Ranked in AR can only be a serious mode when new players arrives (will they arrive?)

    So its just better to put everyone in the same queue. At least it will solve the long queue times for "ranked mode"

    Get rid of titles (contender, master, diamond and so on) and turn it into a ladder separated by these categories:

    - Most games played (overall)
    - Most games played with (insert lancer name here)

    - Better win rates overall
    - Better win rate with (insert lancer name here)

    - Best duos (showing the names of both partners)
    - Best premade (showing the name of the 3 or 4 partners)

    Give an award (can be multiple for different categories) and a skin (only one skin) to the best 25 (or 50) players in each category and thats it.

    What's good in that system is that it rewards everyone, spammers and skilled players alike, so i think it should be easily implemented at the present "normal pvp mode"

    I know it might sound simplistic but i think its better than what we currently have.

    Atlas Reactor right now unfortunately cant hold serious and proper ranked matches with the current low playerbase numbers and the large disparity between player skill. So its better if we just turn it into a ladder system like the one i just proposed.

    That's my opinion and i hope you all can understand it, because english is not my primary language.

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