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    Hey all, feel free to submit any feedback or bugs about the new mods on the PTS here.


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    Finn who is already a strong sup can ult with his spray(yes it's an ult because you can heal 3 targets in one turn, + yourself) will have even more healing to his kit in form of area weakness, to me this is really bad, it puts refreshing spray to a heal of 40x3 targets which is even stronger.

    Meridian mod appears to be useless, the healing is already problematic even using reforge+10hp and ult +5hp , I've seen many games where your target still dies. So who would want to remove the +10hp mod to use that new mod?? I don't know to be honest.

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    My 2 cents on some of the proposed changes:

    * (Berserker Charge) Single Minded - Increased damage to primary target. That enemy is followed this turn)

    Ok mod because it can fix some poor positioning by Titus if your target gets unstop or haste and just moves away from Titus, leaving him standing still on the place and incapable of attacking anyone. Its not a mandatory mod but its a good option to have.

    * (Dirty Fighting) Phase Blade - Can now be thrown through walls


    Really, whats this? PLEASE GET RID OF THIS. This proposed mod is so stupid that its not even funny to begin with. Whoever came up with this "great idea" dont play the game for sure. How are we supposed to counterplay something like that?

    Do you want a better idea for a dagger mod? Make a mod where a titus dagger can create 10, 15 or even 20 shields if used on an ally. Or make the dagger redirect 10, 15, or 20 dmg back to titus if he decides to use it on an ally (similar to orion's fate transfer but only for 10, 15 or 20 dmg). The downside of course would be a 3 points mods or a cooldown increase for the dagger skill. With that, at least support Titus could be viable and would provide strategic uses for the dagger instead of just daggering someone to prevent a dash or catalyst or just for damage.

    * (Refreshing Spray) Flounder - Additionally weakens enemies hit for the turn. Generates 2 energy per enemy hit.

    BAD, VERY BAD. Finn already has a long range healing that can mass heal his team and himself. For comparison, Su Ren could do the same (mass heal) but most of the time she has to cast her dash to pull that off. If anything i can see that as a more logical aplication to Su-Ren's heal, who has to expose herself into the front lines than to Dr Finn.

    Better yet, leave that kind of effect away from healings. Healings must act as healings, not as some kind of debuff to enemies.

    * (Martial Master) Toad Style - If 3 or more enemies are hit gain 10 shields next turn.

    VERY USELESS MOD. Its almost a joke (in fact IT IS A JOKE). Su-Ren is not know for auto attacking too much, also there's better options for use on her primary like the +3 HP per enemy hit, or the mod that gives her more dmg if the enemy is hit by the tip of the rod. As a matter of fact you can run without any mods on her primary because she rarely attacks.

    Take my word for Su's mod because i main her and i have more than 1000 games with her, so i know what im talking about.

    If you want to give more options for mods to her i suggest you to create more viable mods to her dash or to spirit bend.

    Here are some mod ideas for Su:

    To her dash:

    1- A mod that could provide +1 square range on her landing zone.

    DOWNSIDE: Less heal / dmg OR 3 points mod (or both)

    2- A mod that could provide an increase of +1 square range for her dash towards allies or enemies (or make the +1 square range just to dash towards allies).

    DOWNSIDE: Less heal / dmg OR 3 points mod (or both)

    To Spirit Bend:

    1- A mod where Su gives unstopabble / root to an ally / enemy.

    DOWNSIDE: The effect (of the might or weak) just works for one turn (instead of the usual 2 turns if no one gets hit) OR an increase in the number of turns until the skill is available again OR just make it as a 3 points mod.

    2- A mod where Su gives +5, +10 OR EVEN +15 hp or shields to an ally.

    DOWNSIDE FOR +5 OR +10 hp / shields: The effect (of might on allies) just last for one turn (instead of the usual 2 turns if no one gets hit) OR increase the number of turns until the skill is available for use again OR just make it as a 3 points mod.

    DOWNSIDE FOR +15 hp / shields: No longer grants might to an ally. The skill cannot be cast on enemies (no longer weakens them) and costs 3 points mods OR increase for a 3 points mod and add a longer cooldown.

    To be fair Su needs a buff on her base HP (+5 would be nice) or a buff that makes her primary viable (more range or dmg) because right now she cant contribute very well with dmg to her team compared to others supports like Finn, Khita, Helio and Aurora. Its either that or the proposed ideas that i gave to some of her mods.

    Right now i dont know where she sits on a tier list, maybe she is a mid tier or a weak support for solo queue compared to her support peers. I know that i do wonders with her in solo queue, but that's because im experienced with her. She is not that friendly and could use some buffs.

    * (Maul) Brawl - Damage increased by 4 and energy gains increased by 1

    REALLY???? Again, whoever came up with this must be trolling or dont play the game at all.

    Another BAD idea. JUST NO. But to be frank, i'd take more dmg any day than that annoying perma slow mod on his primary (crippling something i guess. I cant remember the name)

    I think you devs should experiment with passives, just like what you did to Meridian with that mod (Crusader - Range of Reforge reduced by 2. Base movement increased by 1. ) That passive with base movement increased by 1 is a VERY NICE idea and should be expanded to every other lancer in the game. I'm not saying every passive have always to increase movement, but you should experiement with it. You should try a increased dmg (at the cost of movement), Increased Heal, more HP or so on.

    You should incentive players to BUILD lancers around passives, because right now what we see is that everyone most of the time runs with the same builds everywhere.

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