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Thread: Ranked end date/time needs to be consistent

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    Ranked end date/time needs to be consistent

    Season 7 should have ended yesterday on January 8, 2019 as was announced when season started. It didn't. Nor was it even announced in a timely fashion that it wouldn't.

    Instead we got a comment buried on page 2 of a forum thread on the same day saying the end of the season would be postponed indefinitely "until [they] work out a few more details."

    This, to me, is unacceptable and unprofessional both in terms of practice and in terms of communication. If ranked season were to be extended it should have been communicated well in advance and way more clearly than in an off-handed forum comment, but, more importantly, it shouldn't have been extended at all.

    I'm not sure how relevant this is to the entirety of the ranked experience, but at the very least for the contender spots in particular, for them to mean anything the end date has to be known and consistent. As of yesterday we're in a sort of a weird limbo state where people who should have been on the contender list might fall off it before next week and people who shouldn't be on it might climb up to it still.

    So what's the big deal? I can just work harder to defend my spot, right? Yes, I can, but that's precisely it. I shouldn't have to and I shouldn't have to do it indefinitely. I set time off to secure a spot, time that - if I'm honest with myself - I really should have used more productively.

    But this is my favourite game, so I prioritised playing ranked over, say, getting enough sleep at night (since getting the ranked queue to pop is nearly impossible during day-time hours where I live) but I put in the effort because due to some horrible flaw in my brain this game matters to me more than it reasonably should. And yesterday I was happy. I thought:

    "I did it. Maybe I shouldn't have done it. Maybe I should have written a novel or deep-cleaned my house or gotten more sleep, but I feel like I acocmplished this stupid thing that I set out to accomplish, and I'm happy I did it now that it's done." And then it just wasn't done. And that, I feel, is disrespectful to the time, effort, and passion I've put into it.

    Now, I understand that this is a small game, with a tiny developer staff and that there has been a restructuring after Trion was bought by Gamigo. I understand you're probably working very hard, and I appreciate and I respect that. Thank you for keeping our tiny game alive.

    I understand that next season we will get contender rewards just for having worked our way up there and not for staying there until it ends, and that is good but that doesn't help this season.

    I also understand that updates might have unforeseen bugs and problems, and might have to be postponed until they work properly. Rather have working updates late than game-breaking updates on time, of course.

    I understand all that. But postponing an update shouldn't have anything to do with keeping ranked season end date consistent.

    Just disable the thing when it's supposed to end. I'm assuming that's possible since ranked gets disabled when there's a "servers will shut down in x minutes" warning.

    I plan on defending my spot on the contender list even indefinitely if I have to, but I'm done putting the same passion and effort into it as I have. I'm done playing in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping, at the very least, but I plan to play enough to still be on there next week.

    However, I suggest that if anyone was on contender list yesterday and somehow falls off before next week, they're absolutely entitled to contender reward. They made it for when it by all rights should have ended, and that should be respected.

    In the future, though, an announced end date is a promise that should be kept.

    Edit: I noticed I had accidentally written January 7 instead of January 8. I corrected it.

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    I agree. If you do not play all day, then in my region it is impossible to find a ranking match except at 10-11 pm and later. In general, the season was supposed to end 3 weeks ago, but it was extended. Good, but again you extend it indefinitely. Not only that, to search for ranked match, we need to wait for a long time to put it mildly, but apart from the AR there are other games, personal life, study, work. I had vacation time before holidays, which I also spent on the Atlas, on the next week i will go to work and I can’t play in the ranked matches, although now I have to wait for my rewards of "Contender". It's ugly and non-professional on your part.

    Also, the system at the rank "Contender" is annoying, where you gets 20 points after win and lose 22 when you lose. It would seem that 2 points do not affect anything, except for a serious negative impression after the game and causing an extreme degree of player toxicity. Moreover, all "Contenders" have a winning percentage higher than 50, that is, this system is doubly useless and simply unnerves the player.

    Example: you waiting for 20 minutes until you find the game, you playing 20 minutes, losing and lost 22 points. Then you go to play the next game (which you may also have to wait 20 minutes, because you might not be thrown into a ranking match), you winning and you will get 22 points. In the end, having played for about an hour, you not only lost time and did not move forward, you moved back a millimeter. A real trifle, but annoying unbelievable.
    But when I asked why it was done, I was told: “This is done so that players do not get ahead on points and the other players can catch up with them.” How will this help players catch up with them if all bidders have a 50% winning percentage, In order for these 2 points to influence something, you need to lose at least 10 games. Take away these useless 2 points that just ruin people's nerves.

    I understand that everyone is busy, changing developers, working on updates, etc., but the rankings are definitely worth this week.

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