Hey Everyone!

We’ve got a new patch coming your way in the weeks ahead!

First, I want to thank you all for your support over the past few years and for continuing to play Atlas Reactor! Below are the changes you will see in upcoming patches.

2019 Season:
This next Season will not be numbered, but will be named after the current year. This next season is planned to be at least 5-6 months long instead of the usual 3-4 months.
We have revamped the rewards from Season levels to include rewards from the entire history of Atlas Reactor. You will find rewards up to level 500! If you reach a level with a reward that you have already collected, you will be given a Legendary Loot Matrix instead. These Legendary Loot Matrixes are full of rare and legacy skins, taunts, emojis, overcons and more. We have also added the ability to purchase season levels, and you will receive all the rewards given for those levels at once. Since every season level has the reward of a Loot Matrix, we will be removing the Loot Matrix packs since they are mostly redundant, though the packs we offer during special events will still return.

New Skin! Commando Zuki will be released as a reward for reaching level 500 or purchase with Prestige Points. The two offered will be different variants, so you can collect both!

New Mods for all Freelancers! Over this season we plan to release new mods periodically. One thing we were concerned about was how a large influx of mods would affect ranked balance, so some mods will not be available in ranked mode initially.

End of Season Ranked rewards will now be given based on the highest rank achieved instead of some rewards being given based on standing at the end of the season. New rewards are being added for purchase with Prestige Points. We are also increasing the amount of Prestige Points given per match to make up for seasons being longer.

I also wanted to respond to some of the questions/concerns I’ve been seeing:
During 2018 we released both Vonn and Lex, while popular characters, they didn’t help bring new players into the game. We love adding new Freelancers to the game, but currently we are focusing on adding sustainable progression and variety to gameplay.

Players have mentioned long queue times for ranked during non-primetime hours, we are hoping that the new ranked rewards will give players an incentive to queue up. This is something we will continue keeping an eye on.

Hexcellence and Oblivion will be returning to the PVP queues with the patch. We are also planning to run more alternate game mode weekends like the one we ran late last year for extraction.

Thank you for playing Atlas Reactor!

Matthew ”NotShyguy” Walsh
Producer, Atlas Reactor