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Thread: Support Freelancer: Mary

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    Support Freelancer: Mary

    There are some really good support freelancers out there but i think we're missing a few other freelancers who're good in supporting their mates.

    Name: Mary

    Role: Support

    This lady does her job with the help of a few mirrors. Beautiful isn't it?

    Primary (1): Blind Light: A 3x6 cone in front of her. First target got hit get full dmg. All other get half of the dmg. Gain 3 Energy for every enemy hit.

    Prep (2) Free Action: Deflect Mirror: All enemy attacks in front of her or a selected friendly freelancer (need to have sight of line) get blocked and redirected to the attacker. The attacker gains "Slow"-debuff. Gain energy for using the ability.

    Prep (3): Sharp Heal: Heal one freelancer with a powerful heal. Enemies who attack the selected freelancer get the debuff "Reveal". Only gets energy for every enemy who hit the selected lancer. Mid-Range.

    Prep (4): Glass Personality: Create an afterimage of herself. The afterimage has 50hp, works like a meatshield and absorbs all dmg instead of the freelancer. Interrupf enemy dashes. If the afterimage gets attacked the attacker who attacked it gets the Debuff "Slow" if he is in melee range. Melee range is 2x2. Energy for her only when her afterimages gets destroyed. Can be target through walls.

    Prep (Ultimate) (5): I am everywhere!: Need Vision. Create a 7x7 area where she spawns 4 of her afterimages and they work like a meatshield with 50 hp and absorbs all dmg instead of the freelancer. Interrupt enemy dashes. If the afterimage gets attacked the attacker who attacked it gets the Debuff "Slow" if he is in melee range. Melee range is 2x2. Deploy all energy.



    Primary Mod (1): Blind Light
    Mod 1 - So warm: Dmg increase by X
    Mod 2 - In a hurry: Get Haste for using the attack
    Mod 3 - Delightful: Every enemy hit after the first get "Weak"
    Mod 4 - Shiny: Increase energy gain by 1
    Mod 5 - Satisfying: For every enemy hit gain 3 shields next turn

    Prepare Mod (2): Deflect Mirror
    Mod 1 - Play always safe: If you select another freelancer you also get the mirror in front of yourself
    Mod 2 - I know where you are: The attacker also gain "Reveal"-debuff
    Mod 3 - Watch your back: The mirror works from every angle now
    Mod 4 - Stand tall: The selected freelancer also gets 10 shields
    Mod 5 - Don't worry my friend: The selected freelancer gets also healed by a small amount for every attack

    Prepare Mod (3): Sharp Light
    Mod 1 - Don't be shy: Healing another freelancer heals you for 15hp aswell
    Mod 2 - Warm Welcome: Increase the heal by X if the target has lower hp than 50%.
    Mod 3 - It's not a game: The enemies who attacks the freelancer also gets "Weak"
    Mod 4 - The best outcome: Increase energy gain by 2
    Mod 5 - Don't die on me: Increase the amount of heal by X

    Prepare Mod (4): Glass Personality
    Mod 1 - Invincible: Gain "Unstoppable" when using it
    Mod 2 - Don't touch me: Increase the range by 1
    Mod 3 - Friendship: Gain 5 energy for using the ability
    Mod 4 - Helpless: The enemies who attacks the afterimage also get "Weak"
    Mod 5 - Plan B: The afterimage leaves a dmg-buff bubble if it's destroyed for the own team. It stays there for 3 turns.

    Ultimate Mod (5): I am everywhere!
    Mod 1 - Mirror Maze: Increase the range from 7x7 to 8x8.
    Mod 2 - Nice and slowly. The enemies who attacks the afterimages also gets the "Weak"-debuff
    Mod 3 - Don't touch me filthy... : Heals Mary by 5 for every afterimage destroyed
    Mod 4 - Beautiful, isn't it?: Reduce the cooldown of all skills by 1
    Mod 5 - My skin is unique: If an afterimages gets destroyed attackers in melee range also get 10 dmg.


    That is my idea of a freelancer using mirrors to help or attack the enemy. what do u think?

    Art: She looks like a tall beautiful lady with a big mirror holding in her hands. Half of her face is hiding behind her own hair. Only a few people knows the face she he burned and is not beautiful anymore. she wears some nice clothing and she dances more like she moving around?

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    I edited some stuff and changed her ult to a helpful buff instead of dmg. Changed a few mods too

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