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Thread: Returning player

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    Returning player

    I have not played this game for about a year now, maybe more. Are there any new things I need to know to jump back into the game? Asides fro the new lancers that is.

    The latest lancer before I quit was the hamster one. So I believe that there are a lot of things I missed.

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    Frontliners (except for the hamster) got their damage buffed since then, I think, so they're much more viable and much better at applying pressure. Two new maps, I think? But I hardly ever see them (to the point I wonder if they're still in the rotation.) Had the catalysts been changed yet? Maybe double-check that they still do what you expect, and that the dash catalysts have the same range you remember.

    That's all that comes to mind. Maybe go read all the old patch notes for a more complete list.

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