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Thread: Few more bugs

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    Few more bugs

    Juno's tether nor Grey's drone doesn't trigger Titus dagger.
    Autofollow follows char to old location, even when it's icon is already elsewhere, which is nonsense. For example, Nev dashed into camo area and my char still went to her old location.

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    For starters Titus's dagger needs to be triggered by direct damage so Juno's lockdown and Greys bird poopy will never trigger it because its consitered indirect damage.

    Autofollow works as intended. If you dash or cata into a brush that is not blown auto follow will only take you to last know location. Chances are if your using auto follow more than twice a game if that your going to get killed because if often leaves you in the open with no cover and terrible positioning. Inputting your movent is normally 99% of the time a better option because you can actually pick where you want to go and auto follow will never let you contest a power-up since it happens after normal movment. This might explain your lack of luck in ranked matches

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