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Thread: Few bugs

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    Few bugs

    Titus ulti doesn't hit all highlighted targets on the side of the cone. Happenned to me twice.
    In one of the games seen Aurora using main attack on Rampart, holding shield, from behind, slightly on the side, and dmg didn't count.

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    chances are it was getting clipped by cover for your titus ult.

    I cant answer you other issue because I cant figure out what you mean. I will say that ramps shield is easy as hell to get around most of the time if you have the right angle. He got the nickname rufflebucket for a reason

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    After last update we all see same bug with using ladder on the boat. It's really unpredicted, sometimes it works on second try, sometimes it takes 20 tries.
    Player character is ported when try to use ladder.

    For details please check this twitch clip https://clips.twitch.tv/FaithfulAnte...anNuggetsLitty

    Ups, wrong site. Sorry...

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