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Thread: A fun thing: Max Damage Possible?

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    Red face A fun thing: Max Damage Possible?

    I was testing somthing in the Practice arena earlier - I'd got a problem with my moves so needed to make sure it was not a "thing"

    but in doing so on Zuki, I noticed I could deal a significant amount of damage per round if I timed stuff right.

    Here's some evidence. I'm sure it's not impossible and has been done many times but clearly I did over 300 points of damage in one round, totally 100+ per individual. That's gonna hurt many characters in the game* but it got me thinking, how much damage could you potentially achieve, in one round, to one character and to a group?

    Has anyone run the numbers on this? I'd be interested in knowing what is doable and which Freelancer would get to do the damage. What mods and catalysts would you need?

    Might make for a fun discussion

    *And yes, Massive Caveat, you'd need to get lots of people in one group, without much mitigation and and and etc... This is mainly fun but it prompted a question, is all.

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    By one character or by a team? I'd guess Zuki is your best bet for "by a single character" because you can apply two different deferred damage sources the previous turn, then use might and hit with a big ult.

    Celeste can trap and ult, Tidus can dagger and ult (and might your team), Kaigin can shurikan and ult... add those to Zuki for max possible team damage, perhaps? I haven't done the numbers to see if Nev could outperform one of those with ult + embiggify + normal.

    But the common theme is that you're doing two turns of damage on one turn.

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