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Thread: Thanks For Everything, Keep on Keeping on

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    Thanks For Everything, Keep on Keeping on

    Howdy everyone,

    Itís been an incredible journey for me over the past 3 years at Trion Worlds and I want to thank you all for being a part of it. Iíve always been passionate about building that bond between developers and their community, be it from people making videos, streams, artwork, fansites, events, and just by playing. Even starting out as QA on Atlas Reactor, I would be finding bugs and giving feedback while watching streams, answering chat questions, and staying up way too late teaching influencers. I still do all those things to this day, but itís been surreal to help our games and so many Trion Creators grow. My journey does not stop here and neither does yours.

    I am truly grateful to have quickly advanced into the Social Influencer and Community Manager roles 2 years ago. Thanks for being such a fantastic community, Iíve watched countless streams, seen thousands of Trion Creator applications come through, attended plenty of conventions, received personal fan art, and even made best friends that I wouldnít have imagined of before.

    Itís very difficult and bittersweet for me to say this, but I am going to be pursuing other passions in the next part of my journey. Today, August 24th, is my last day working at Trion, but Iíll definitely still be supporting from the sidelines as thereís lots of exciting things down the road ahead.

    The Trion Community team will be taking care of my duties as I have been going over Trion Creator, Atlas Reactor, Defiance, and Defiance 2050 responsibilities with them. For Trion Creator related questions or requests, please email creators@trionworlds.com.

    I wish you all the best and feel free to stay in touch on Twitter (@OMGitsMobi) or Discord (Mobi#7250). My direct messages are always open, and I love to give channel (content creator) feedback if youíre looking for ways to improve.

    Donít let your dreams be dreams,

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    Best of luck on your journey; it's been a pleasure.

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    Hf gl

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