Name: Yandoo

Role: Frontline

Description: Yandoo is as old as Tol-Ren, but his appearance is that of a dark-skinned child aged around 15 years old . He has a black crystal attached to his back linked to his chest by a string of pure and dark energy. His origin is unknown by many and it benefits him in such a childish way, because he's always joking around, bragging that he came from hell, and all he brings is annihilation. Originally, he was the victim of an atomic explosion during a study that went wrong while he was assisting his father in one of the Omni facilities. Now, the crystal on his back was given to him by his father, it keeps him alive and allows him to manipulate its dark source of energy.

Primary: Spikes of despair
  • Type of targeter: Circle around him (like Meridian's ultimate but smaller)
  • Description: Yandoo slams his fist on the ground, and from the shock erupts many spikes around him, dealing SMALL damage. If Yandoo hits more than 1 enemiy, he will be energize during the next turn.

2-(Prep Phase): Bravery [Free Action]
  • Type of targeter: Self-Target
  • Description: He extracts energy from the crystal and become unstoppable and hasted, additionally, he will recover 15 health at the end of the turn.

3- (Prep Phase): Dear Crystal
  • Type of targeter: Cone (Like Brynn dash)
  • Description: Yandoo takes the crystal off his back and it starts spinning around him. 50% of every damage that he receive during this turn will be redirected in a cone in the direction that he has chosen. This attacks will fire during blast phase and ignores cover.

4- (Dash Phase): Swift Attack
  • Type of targeter: Straight Line [Long range]
  • Description: He leaves his crystal behind him and dashes in a straight line, dealing MEDIUM damage to all enemies in his path, and will return to the same location at the end of the turn, also gaining 30 shield which will last 2 turns.

5- (Blast Phase): Crystal Siphon [Requires 100 energy]
  • Type of targeter: Circular (Orion primary but a little bit larger)
  • Description: He shatters the crystal on a circular zone. The victims will be scrambled, rooted and weakened at the same time at the start of the next turn (Prep Phase). If on the same turn one of them die, Yandoo will recover 40 HP at the end of the turn.

(I'm leaving the mods out for this time)

Appearance (With some actual robotic parts somewhere on his face)