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Thread: Serious punishment for queue dodging, and modification of current block feature.

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    Serious punishment for queue dodging, and modification of current block feature.

    Hello devs!
    I love this game, and I have a few suggestions that might help improve it.

    1 - As it's a developing game, the community is rather small. That means people know each other. This has led to an annoying amount of ranked game dodges by some players.
    I understand that there is punishment for queue times, and that this punishment of being unable to re-queue escalates if the player does it repeatedly, but it seems to me that the punishment is so acceptable, that some players choose to pay its price, and that the number of actual disconnects is not nearly proportional to the number of people exploiting this mechanic to get better "draft setups".
    My suggestion is that players are allowed to use this mechanic with no punishment once a day only. Anything beyond that should cost the player what most ranked players are after (and abuse the dodge mechanic for): Rank points. If you are worried about someone being punished unfairly because they have multiple disconnects, maybe they shouldn't be playing ranked to begin with, as 3 other players will have their own chance of winning sent down the drain, due to AI vs the game's complex mechanics.
    If none of the suggestions given above are considered acceptable, I ask that you look into other successful games' dodging penalties, and apply here something that is proven to work.

    2 - Player block mechanics. Some of the people you meet online in all gaming communities have acid personalities, and that forces us to cut all communication from them.
    Please not that by ALL communication, I mean stop ping spams as well. Some players don't chat in channels at all, they simply spam pings the whole game, and the current blocking feature doesn't filter that out as well.

    I hope to see the community of this game grow bigger and stronger, with the use of common sense by the devs. Cheers!

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    I agree with the player blocking. I do not play ranked so I don't have any input for the queue dodging.

    I like how easy it is to block toxic players however the ping spammers are still a problem. I don't need you to tell me to attack x character 10 times within a 5 second period. Ping spamming isn't just a communication issue its an overall game distraction. Pinging can definitely be helpful when used correctly but when people use it every turn it is annoying. My team doesn't need to be micromanaged by another player. If its during the final turns and a prime target needs to be killed then sure spam away so the team can focus someone. But if that is what a player does every single turn I do not want to play with them.

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