*insert Steve Carell meme here*
If there's one thing that annoys the hell out of me if the fact that I choose a Lancer I want to play with and level and after two minutes, when I finally get a game, the system makes me change my choice because someone else already chose it. I don't even get the option to just leave the match, because if I do that again in x hours I'll be punished. As uncommon as it can be, this is the most annoying thing ever. Just leave me waiting in the queue PLEASE. Allow me to leave without being punished when this happens.
You guys can show the message that someone already chose that Lancer and give us two options: Choose another one or leave the queue without being punished. Just please stop punishing me for enjoying to play with a particular Lancer. I chose to level him, to get his title. Allow me to. Please, that's all I'm asking.