Comment from the community manager in October of 2016 (close to a year and a half ago) confirming that an update which includes advanced graphics settings was already being worked on.

It appears that this subsection of the graphics menu is currently inaccessible. At the time of that conversation, this game was in early access, meaning it wasn't a finished product. Given that it is now a completed and released product, that suggests that it should be at a bare minimum feature-complete and release ready. Any features like this one which were promised should reasonably be expected to have been completed by this stage. As such, I can only reasonably conclude that the inability to reach the advanced graphics settings menu page is in fact a bug. I hope it's a bug, anyway, because the alternatives are that either your community manager lied to customers or an important feature was scrapped summarily without bothering to advise the players. In the event that such is the case, can someone provide a link to a "suggestions" or "requests" forum, since I can't find a place where such a feature request would belong? Thanks.