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    PTS New Freelancer Feedback: Lex

    Hi Lancers,

    Play Lex on PTS and let us know your thoughts, Lex will be available 5/1 (Tuesday) at 5pm Pacific on the PTS server. Lex is a medium ranged Firepower Freelancer with fiery AoE attacks and a surprising amount of burst. Let us know your feedback on abilities, damage, mods, energy gain, etc.


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    Is PTS actually live? There were complains in Twitter about server being unavailable with "Network Error" since the announcement and it's still cannot be connected. "Trion Help" suggested to ask support that is usually way too slow on responds.

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    I'm able to get in this morning, at least

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    I have been trying to log on to the PTS since the 1st. I am still unable to connect. 'Failed to connect to lobby server: network error.' is the message I receive. I receive the same message from two different computers, running to different versions of Windows.

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