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Thread: Ultimate Reactor Pack Giveaway!

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    Ultimate Reactor Pack Giveaway!

    This Kelari is giving away an Ultimate Reactor Pack, in appreciation of all of those who watch me play Atlas Reactor very badly, and cause the stream is now 1 YEARS OLD! Thank you all that have watched me, showed a Kelari some love and made me more derpy than I have been before. So what is the Ultimate Reactor Pack? Well one is the costly one retailed at $99USD, and has loads of goodies inside! Here is what you can find inside:

    ~ All the Freelancers, forever
    ~ Exclusive “Golden Age” Skins for all Freelancers, Forever
    ~ Bonus “All Freelancers Pack” Code for a friend
    ~ GG Boosts (x60)

    loads of skins.

    Nix Loot Suit Skins (x3)
    Gremolitions Inc. Great War Skins (x3)
    Titus Untamed Skins (x3)
    Quark Unobtanium Skins (x3)
    Rampart Centurion Skins (x3)
    Asana Hardlight Skins (x3)
    Oz Jimmy Six Skins (x3)
    Elle Apocalypse Skins (x3)

    Sooooo how do you get this? What do you have to do to enter? Well here is the link before on how to get started. And may RNG be in your favor.


    Also if you want your hands on a Rask Citadel Skin here is a giveaway link for that as well


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    A good informative post

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