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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyehhehhehheh View Post
    What we really need is a boat map. It could be flying and pirate themed, since pirates are actually a thing in Atlas. Maybe even two boats having a good old sea battle (in the sky) and each team spawns on either of those boats.
    This would be epic, love this idea. Something like two Flyway Freighters side by side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maltroth View Post
    I know it's probably too late in the dev lifespan and that it was proposed couple of times but, maps with elevation would bring a whole new level to the game that I think could be really interesting
    I would also love to see maps with some kind of elevation included. I understand as well that this will be seriously hard to introduce into the game but would really bring a new level to the game with vision changes at elevation )see what I did there? )

    Additional idea that I thought of would be maps with moving elements? such as a central section that rotates a quarter turn every turn or every other turn at the end of the knockback phase? Or perhaps conveyor belt sections that also move at the end of the knockback phase that could be used to great advantage/disadvantage to move away from fights or knock enemies onto these and over/into traps? Once again probably hard to implement but would be great to see!

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    I'm here to second and third all of the ideas suggesting moving walls.

    I'd go with more of a "next turn this block will become a wall" kind of thing. Block turns red and blinks when it's about to pop up, and it's possible to knock people or CC them onto the blocks. If you're on the block when it turns into a wall, you take 10 damage and get shoved in a random direction (or the direction you came from might be better).

    I like this idea for thin walls, too. Without the knockbacks, of course. Red blinking lines between tiles show where a wall will pop up. Solid, low glow means 2 turns away, red blinking means next turn. Patterns could be static or random.

    The spinning wall element is great as well. A big X like in Hexcellence that turns and only reveals might buffs for one turn could make an interesting race to get the only might on the map.

    Liked the pirate idea too. Maybe have holes in the map like on Cloudspire - but they look and act more like gangplanks between the ships. Very cool idea.

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    What about interactive environment ?
    Buffs and moving walls are nice, but don't you feel we could use more strategic options where we actually have to make choices ? Here are two ideas:

    1- Trap-inducing tiles
    Two tiles system: one triggers the trap, the second one is where the trap is.
    Trigger condition: a character must be on the trigger tile at the end of the turn (before movements, after knockups)
    And then the traps comes out, it can be anything. Some laser shooting at a precise point, aoe or not. A blade coming out of the ground.
    Or the map would have a laser shooting every 5 turns, and the trigger tiles are the ones switching the aim of the laser clockwise/counterclockwise of X degree. In this case the tile would be something you can shoot on to move the aim, which creates mind games. It can be a lot of things really.

    2-Unstable reactor
    An Orb on the map, you can do damage to it. When you do it triggers it and deactivates it for X turns. When triggered, it deals aoe damage around, the damage is considered to be from the team that dealt the most damage to it, and it deals X% of the amount the ennemy team dealt to it. It would deal the damages the turn it's hit, or the one after, or the one after that.
    The details would just need some tests to be conclusive on the mechanics.

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    I'd like a map where instead of only having walls block movement, having just a "no floor" scenario going on at some parts of the maps. So you could still attack and dash trough or pull people over the holes, but you couldn't land on them or place traps on them. This would probably wok better on a larger map.

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    I'd love to see 3D maps wtih up and down, maybe ramps and bridges and tunnels etc. All the maps wt have so far are fundamentally flat, on the same plane, and something with a bit of variety would be interesting.

    Also add environmental effects, such as gusts of strong wind that knock people in the way down, or sandstorms that blind people in an area etc. These can be randomised factors that happen rgardless of position or actions by players.

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    also we need moonscape, desert, snow, jungle... crystal maze... water zone... etc etc

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    No map hazards ever pls.

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