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Thread: Atlas Reactor on console

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    Atlas Reactor on console

    Hello, I love this game but lately I haven't been playing since October. Mostly because I've been playing console games with my friends. Some of them don't have a good enough PC to play games on and some of them avoid PC gaming altogether. I have been telling them about Atlas Reactor for months now and how good it is. Mostly because I want the community to be a lot bigger than it is now. I don't know if you guys will see this but please port Atlas Reactor to console. It will make the community so much larger and more active than it is now. I've never made a forum post here before but here I am now and I will try to be more active on the forums.

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    I think Atlas could benefit going to handheld market. I'm constantly looking or games I can take with me, Switch and DS are godlike consoles to me (I'm one of those who buy every game on Switch instead of PC that isnt an FPS or highly moddable game). I think Atlas would work great on Switch, from what I've heard porting is isnt a tough process. Shared servers with PC would be preferred though.

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    It would be nice but i dont think nintendo or sony would be able to share servers with PC. I really like the fact that there is only 1 world wide server so your actually playing against the global community and not just a segment.

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    Probably Microsoft would love to have Atlas on Xbox One, they're focusing a lot on crossplay games.

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