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Thread: Flux Capasity 100% suggestion

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    Flux Capasity 100% suggestion

    So I reached the max Flux capacity and I was kinda hoping for better title than "Flux Capacity 100%".
    Something like "All Fluxed up" would be fun. Just a suggestion.

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    You should have got the banner i have been sporting since season 3 and the gg bonus.

    I would like to see the 100 percent cap removed and be able to keep adding to it and have rewards for every 100 percent over and maybe cap it at filling it up 10 times and have the banner background change colors like how the season 1 level banners were set up.

    I just have a ton of flux for some reason and all that i use it for is the week long lancer enhancer which i belive i have constantly had activated for about 2 seasons

    Also congrats and welcome to the money bags club

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