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This patch will go live on 1/30/18.Servers will be down from 7:50 am PST for about 30 minutes to 2 hours.Join the community on Discord!General
  • Season 5 Ranked has begun! Vonn has been added to Ranked Mode!
  • Season 4 Prestige Points, emblems, overcons and titles have been given out to qualifying players.
BalanceWe are happy to see that Frontliners are more threatening once they get into range. This next phase of the tweaks are aimed to ensure Firepowers fulfill their role as reliable damage dealers, whether that specialty be long range consistency or short range burst.FirepowerBlackburn - Blackburnís win rate is slightly under par, and for such a damage-focused character, his primary could be more satisfying, especially in spread mode.
  • Equalizer and Blitz damage increased from 32/18 to 33/20.
Celeste - Celesteís win rate remains high. This slight nerf is nothing to worry about for a character who is so good at obtaining might.
  • Strong Arm damage reduced from 22/34 to 22/33.
Elle - Elle was undertuned. She might now be overtuned.
  • Plasma Volley and Combat Reflexes damage increased from 25 to 27.
Juno - Junoís win rate has been solid, but sometimes her primary doesnít threaten supports and firepowers as much as it should.
  • Juno: Laser Barrage damage increased from 22/30 to 24/32.
Kaigin - A touch of extra survivability and punch for Kaigin to compete with the new Frontliners. Weíll be watching to see if he needs more assistance.
  • Health increased from 125 to 130.
  • Twisting Blades damage increase from 32/16 to 34/20.
Lockwood - Lockwoodís win rate has fallen ever so slightly, but the number on his ultimate were still overdue for an adjustment. We have put some of that punch back into his primary.
  • Run and Gun damage reduced from 45 to 40.
  • Trickshot damage increased from 32 to 34.
NEV:3 - NEV:3 is a top-tier dps despite her range, and we want to see if she can keep it up without the extra 5 hp.
  • Health reduced from 125 to 120.
Nix - I mean, he is hitting you in the head.
  • Headshot damage increased from 34 to 35.
Oz - Ozís predictable escape had become a little too easy to manage, and his win rate has fallen off quite a bit.
  • Made You Look cooldown decreased from 5 to 4.
Tol-Ren - Tol-Renís win rate only dropped slightly from the Frontliner patch, but we did want to tune him slightly to make him more reliable. Like Kaigin, we want to keep an eye on him in the coming weeks.
  • Health increased from 145 to 150.
  • Twin Slash damage increased from 26/34 to 28/34.
  • Honed Blade mod cost reduced from 3 to 1.
  • Cross Slash mod bonus damage reduced from 4 to 3, and cost increased from 2 to 3.
  • A new energy mod, Razor Focus, was added.
  • Showdown damage increased from 50 to 52.
Zuki - Rocket Jump is now slightly more effective against aggressive frontliners.
  • Rocket Jump damage increased from 20 to 25.
FrontlineBrynn - Brynnís excellent primary will now be slightly weaker against multiple targets. In other news, the Warforged mod had a +10% win rate.
  • Warforged mod now increases the cooldown of Aegis by 1.
  • Impale damage falloff increased from 4 to 5.
Garrison - Good old Garry currently has the third highest win rate. These are minor QoL tweaks.
  • Missile Barrage now can hit up to 5 targets, up from 3. He now brings enough for everyone.
  • Hand Cannon cone damage increased from 12 to 15.
Isadora - We wanted to ensure that Isadoraís periods of vulnerability were more guaranteed.
  • Suit Up cooldown and lockout increased from 2 to 3.
Rampart - We donít want Roflbukket to be a damage powerhouse on top of his strong binary defense, but we also didnít mean for his damage to fall of quite so much when we revised his mods.
  • Radamantium Flurry damage increased from 28/25 to 30/25.
  • Bulwark damage increased from 25 to 28.
Rask - The Rage Beast can clearly rage again, but his burst is a little too good. Further changes might be necessary.
  • Uncontrollable Fury damage reduced from 25 to 20.
SupportOnly one support change, as we want to get more data on supports before making any large adjustments. Looking forward to your feedback.Orion - We like that Orion has found a strong role, but his survivability needed to be addressed in some way. He might get further changes after we gather more support data.
  • Fate Transfer shields reduced from 20 to 15.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where winning games while in the contender tier would give more ranked points than the points lost for losing.
  • Fixed an issue where Vonnís Cold Snap ability could end earlier than intended when using the Lingering Chill mod.
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