Not sure why you guys continue to ignore Garrison and Rampart for the last 3 season where each season they are C level or just a hair higher. You give all Frontliners buffs and keep Garrison and Rampart just as buffed as the rest. Any reason why you continue to ignore all suggestions or not willing to buff them?

I've always felt Garrison could use a tiny energy buff and Rampart could use a .25 range increase with the main part of his stick since hes to easily kitable. On top of that to make them more desirable on the tier scale I'd also buff damage a hair on Rampart's shield and main attack and buff garrisons dash and main as well.

So I'd say Garrison +1 energy on his missile barrage (would amount to about 8-10 extra energy per 20 rounds, which is just about right), his dash +2-3 extra damage so comparable damage wise with asana, brynne, and a couple other frontliners (his shield is there since his dash is more finicky and predictable already) and give his stubby T-Rex arms 32 damage main attack.

Rampart +.25 range extension (this would allow him to hit diagonal 3 spaces and just in front for 4 space) with 32 damage basic and +3-5 damage increase on his shield

if nothing is changed they will remain C tier for life.