• Pierce mod on primary shows 20 energy gain in the damage preview if you hit 2 targets. Correctly gives 10 energy on shot.
  • Three turn ult mod has no damage preview numbers for the third turn.
  • [Wiskerz] Cryo core detonates once [per phase] instead of once per turn

Maybe bugs:
  • Cold snap is effected by cover, which seems inconsistent.

  • It's slightly awkward that there are no 1 cost mods on Cold Snap.
  • Overall energy gain feels on the low side, between the shield not giving energy and the AoE only gaining 6 per target. (Lockwood gains 8 per target in a AoE, with similar mods). Also energy gain on primary is slightly low if cryo cores aren't popping, but that's to be expected.

  • Cryo Core could explode in a 2 space range so that the AoE actually feels relevant, it's extremely rare that two enemies are adjacent next to each other.
  • I sort of wish that Arctic Blast and/or Polar Vortex applied Cryo Core, with the ability's damage reduced to compensate.
  • Following the above, I'd be interested to see a version of the kit where Cryo Cores dealt more damage and everything else in his kit dealt less.