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    Magnus is fine as he is

    I see a lot of comments about how magnus "lacks" damage or that he is a useless freelancer due to his range. My two cents ?

    1.He's not a regular frontline, he's high risk.

    He can't deal damage or do anything significant on the first initial turns and needs 1 more turn to charge his dash so it shouldn't be expected of him to be in the most dangerous spot on the opening turns ( UNLESS YOU WANT HIM TO TAKE FREE DAMAGE? )

    2. he needs team coordination to be effective, he's a combo freelancer.

    To deal maximum amounts of damage the team needs to understand that he's the only freelancer that can root / knockback and mess with the opposite team's movement as frequently as he can. They should capitalize on that

    - -----------------------------------------Get in god damn position.

    If i rooted 2-3 of them in one spot they are most likely to target me on the next turn. Team please make sure you're in damaging / support range, get in line of sight or you're not helping magnus at all. Don't wait for the perfect "Big one"
    Use Aurora's Ion Cloud when told to and ffs helio magnus can knock the enemy back into the wall of pain after a successful black hole. Another one for the fanatical///( Bombing run- Splort--Dealbreaker )///Gremo, If you don't have the double knockback mod ( which you shouldnt ) Magnus can help you get double knockback for your splort . Lockwood please use your trap. Grey, Magnus can knock into your drone so you get easy energy and chip damage. Small things get high rewards

    magnus isn't about damage, he's about crowd control ( cc ) he's supposed to get his team to deal the most damage. I think he's fine as he is
    people don't capitalize on his abilities and that's where the problem lies

    Yes he can deal damage i've had several + matches where i was able to deal up to 500 to 600 dmg

    In my opinion to use magnus effectively you need to have plan.

    Off topic: You don't need to rush at the opposite team to win
    think about staying back for a while and getting your abilities ready

    You rarely see for example-- Falling back so aurora can primary heal you for a few turns
    Think outside of the box

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    Glad to hear your insight and feedback

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    I agree that Magnus is fine as is. His cc is great and i have a tendancy to play him like pup. He can put out serious damage if the time is taken to set up his positioning. Only thing i dont like is that he has no tail. Maybe we will get another dino lancer down the road or a seahorse/giraffe crossbreed with psychic powers, who knows.

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    I just got back a few days ago and haven't had much time with him, but my first impression was that he might be very slightly OP. Isadora seems underpowered though. The crystals are pointless since with 90 hp you'll be dead way before you manage to pick them up. Her shield goes down really fast too. Even with every energy mod I still only manage to make it to 50 energy before having to recast my shield. Her design seems conflicted. I feel like I should be using cover and range like a firepower, but my 2 and 3 are close range. Maybe I just don't know how to play her, I don't know. She just seems way too squishy to be a front liner. Magnus is fine though. He's like being a walking Helio black hole. Throwing people through traps never gets old. I do fine with him.

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