so, i have had this on my mind for a week or so now, figured i should put it out there.
i have an idea for a new firepower lancer who uses portals. not really sure the format i should use here, so im just gonna jump right into the abilities.

1 basic attack, just a ranged energy beam type attack, can hit multiple enemies or maybe just one, depends on balancing really.
2 directional portal which acts as a shield in a way, by sucking up attacks from aimed direction (similar to brynns aegis). captured attacks can serve as an empowering effect (similar to rens fury). ideally the more dmg you absorb the more dmg it empowers for your next attack maybe x points per attack absorbed or a percentage of the dmg absorbed.
3 aoe beam portal attack. summon a portal x amount of squares away; aim attack from this position. basically can shoot around corners and avoid cover etc.
4 portal escape. i have a couple of possible ideas for this one. perhaps setting a return point which you can teleport back to when you need, or maybe just a basic teleport to target location; teleporting would avoid traps. possibly an exit portal which you would have to walk through and end up in target location, one which your allies could use as well...but this seems like it may be a little too op for invading all at once.
5 large directional aoe portal attack. instead of shooting a beam it sucks enemies in displacing them and doing damage. pick location and aim which direction it sucks from. im thinking probably like a 3 square width of attack maybe 4 with a slightly higher than average range, depending how far away you place the portal from yourself.

thats it really, i havent thought of any mods for the abilities; but i think it would be really fun to play
strangely enough though, if you tweak these abilities some its possible to make this into a frontline lancer :P
sorry for posting this on the other thread, didnt see this one at first