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    Why isn't there a Necrolancer Grey?

    There's a few skin concepts that seem so obvious, its kind of hard to believe they haven't been made yet. I could easily picture Necro Grey, or Apocalypse Gremo, or Hardlight Orion. I'd really like to see some of these.

    Also Su-ren really needs another skin.

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    I've been expecting a Brynn skin after she saw Zombie-Brynn during the story a few weeks ago. Though I guess that would be a Holo-Haunt skin?

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    Nekuzar, interestingly enough there is a Necrolancer Grey in development and Su-Ren as well.


    These have been mentioned during our livestream on Friday at 2:30 pacific at Twitch.tv/TrionWorlds

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    That Grey looks more like Asana to me.

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