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Patch Notes: 11/21/17This patch will go live on 11/21/17. Servers will be down from 7:50 am PST for about 30 minutes.Join the community on Discord!Ranked
  • Magnus is now available in Ranked Mode.
  • The New Blackburn Necrolancer skin has been added to the game! Acquire it from either the store or a loot matrix.
  • A new VFX swap has been added for Khita that causes her to shoot a boxing glove when using her Warped Arrow.
  • A full set of VFX swaps for Aurora have been added that match the Necrolancer Aurora skin!
  • The Playtime mod for Pounce has had its range reduced from 3 to 2
  • Subwoof damage has been reduced from 45 to 40
  • Atomic Bond healing has been reduced from 14 to 12.
  • Rapid Mutation mod for Radiate shield reduction now 6 (previously 4).
  • Positronic Surge now heals for 28, down from 32.
  • The Aoe damage from Bombard has been increased from 22 to 25
  • Extra Shrapnel mod for Bombard has had its added damage reduced from 3 to 2.
  • The Big One is now a free action. Cooldown has been increased from 4 to 6.
  • The Peekaboo mod now has the effect of reducing the cooldown of The Big One by 2 turns if no enemies are hit.
  • The Shock and Awe mod now causes The Big One to become a full action, but reduces the cooldown by 2 turns.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where players could be briefly revealed when they use the Fade catalyst to teleport out of camouflage.
  • Fixed an issue where a Celeste player with the “Cover of Darkness” mod could have their location revealed.
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes not be properly revealed when the enemy team has the X-Ray power-up.
  • Fixed an issue where Magnus’ Horns Up ability would have its cooldown reduced by 2 turns when the Brain Juice catalyst was used.
  • Fixed an issue where Magnus’ Horns Up dash could cause him to end in the incorrect spot when dashing past a wall.
  • Fixed an issue where Magnus’ Horns Up dash could stop short of an enemy in the path dashed out of the way.
  • Fixed an issue where Isadora’s Doom Ray could show the incorrect amount of energy gain when previewing an attack.
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