It was two but came up with a third as I started the post. This seems to be the place for freelancer suggestions so wanted to share a few ideas I had. Keeping it mostly general since balance would dictate details.

Alien (Support)
Gravity Flux – single target, medium damage
Gravity Shield – Self, nearby allies get half shield value
Gravity Wave – Adjustable cone similar to Finn’s heal cone, medium damage, knockback
Mind Control – During prep phase, take control of 1 enemy’s base attack only - overriding whatever they were actually going to do, long recharge
Psychic Shock (Ulti) – medium cone (or radial?) damage, scramble, disregards cover (mod replaces scramble with slow, another adds reveal)
If it has a mouth, it doesn’t move – Taunts are ‘telepathic’, echoes perhaps

Sorcerer (Firepower)
ARCane bolts – pick a target, bolts will arc over cover, will follow a dash if still in range and still visible (mod hits even if no longer visible)
Mire – place a field of damage plus slow on the ground
Illusion – teleport medium distance and invis while illusion remains then moves to a different location, drawing away any enemies that Followed, allies that Follow move toward actual Sorcerer
Chain Lightning – up to 3 targets, high then medium then low damage (mod lowers damage but adds scramble)
Meteor (Ulti) – area damage and knockback from its center

Amorpheous (Frontline) a gelatinous blob
Symbiosis – Attaches a gelatinous appendage to target enemy (a la Quark)
Shield Wall – Placed similar to Rampart, effective as Brynn's shield
Eruption - radial spray that slows enemies and randomly throws 4 power ups nearby
Underflow – seeps into cracks in the ground to dash nearby, maybe minor damage or effect to adjacent enemies at target location
Gelacopter (Ulti) – a whirlwind of appendages bludgeoning nearby enemies, (mods for slow or knockback)