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Thread: Tips for playing Rampart?

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    Tips for playing Rampart?

    I mean, I love playing him, and i'm somewhat decent on him, but it's hard to figure out where to go, considering I have to move first and THEN shield, and by the time I do my allies have already taken damage.

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    There's a few things you can do to help this.

    One way is to not worry so much about being near allies. Instead, be near high damage enemies whose attacks are blockage. Stay near them and try and predict their movements, and just place yourself roughly on the side of them that your allies are. Then when you shield, you will protect your Allies and hit the enemy, because you're close enough. Generally if you're near an ally you can only block damage to one ally, but if you're near an enemy you block a much wider angle of shots.

    Also dont forget you are pretty tanky. There are plenty of times I've been next to an enemy and instead of shielding toward them, I shielded to the side so the enemy and I were on the second side of the shield. I did this because I was sure the enemy was gonna shoot my ally instead of me, so I wanted that shield to the side of my enemy, and was fine if I took a little damage.

    Also, I don't guess with my hook. When your hook is down you have no long range threats. You can make people burn unstoppable skills and dashes just by having it up. Its nice to get a blind hit, but it's better to have or force a catalyst with., so don't use it to guess.

    Finally, don't get tunnel vision. You don't do a lot of damage. Don't spend 6 turns chasing someone one on one while the rest of their team beats up your team. You should be giving vision and threatening a bunch of their team while blocking shots and coordinating focus with firepowers. If you're getting too deep and suckered into a long 1v1, take a turn to back out and help your team again - you can afford a full run turn with all that health and an unstoppable free skill, and it'll probably leave that 1v1 person way out of range to do anything, wasting a turn of theirs

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