Had a chat in general today that has lead me to make this post. I have an extensive game design background, and I think this type of playstyle would fit really well into what makes this game unique. Hopefully a dev will see this post and at least consider the idea.

Mobile frontliner. His/her goal is to sit in the face of the enemy team all game and never get hit. Squishy, like 120 hp. Unlike Kaigin, this character doesn't have stealth or high DPS but rather the best mobility in the game.

1. Basic attack that is a precise slice in a melee range(2 tiles max distance). 25-30 damage. If it lands, he gains haste(performing this basic attack with an in-range target lets you designate a move location as if you had haste) If it doesn't land, he is slowed. High risk high reward.

2. Dash and slice. 3 charges. 2 Tile distance. 20 damage. 3 cooldown. The idea of this ability is that this is his bread and butter. With this insane polarizing mobility, he can stick in the face of the enemy team and never take damage. The tradeoff is that the DPS is low. This is why he is a front liner. Unlike any other tank in the game, this character "tanks" attacks by baiting the enemies into attacking him and missing.

3. Free action. Dash 1 tile. 4 cooldown. This is a versatile ability that moves before his other dash and lets him make the most out of his ult and basic attack and is just generally a cool, non-gimmicky idea. It's a clean design that synergizes really well with the rest of his kit and is pretty self explanatory.

4. Prep phase. 4 cooldown. Free action. Your dashing abilities leave an afterimage that lasts until the end of the blast phase. If the after images are attacked, you heal for 5 damage per after image attacked. This character's kit really would set him up to deal a lot of damage, but the focus here is to make a frontliner who feels like he is always outplaying the opponents. This ability gives him the chance to stay alive and in the middle of the action instead of having to use his mobility to run away and find a healing pad.

5. Ult: Dash phase. Teleport up to three tiles away, leaving a decoy in the tile you're standing on. The decoy lasts until the end of the blast phase. All damage dealt by enemies to the decoy this turn is reflected back 1.5x. This move is a new and fun way to deal damage that works really well with this character's playstyle of being in the face of the enemies and baiting out attacks. It creates a fun mind game where opponents who know how to counterplay him must weigh the risk of whether they want to attack him and potentially get blasted. A unique ult that provides incentive for enemies to not attack him means he can keep doing his job on the front line deal out damage.

Thematically, there are a lot of different things that could work. Honestly, I feel like your game design team probably has a backlog of character themes already waiting to make it into the game. But personally, I imagine a silhouette kind of like a frog holding a sword or daggers. Something that coils up when not in motion and quickly extends and leaps out when he moves. If I were designing it, I'd make sure his melee attacks have an extra oomf of hit lag in the animation to really deliver the idea of precision. Another theme I was playing with was something with wind or energy, like a ghost character. Thematically a ghost character could be "haunting" the enemy team with his spectral movement and unrelenting presence. This theme could be pushed further by letting him move through walls. I still haven't thought of a theme I really love though.

Hope you guys like the concept. It would be really really fun to have this character in the game since there isn't a character yet who is solely dedicated to moving as much as this one is. Thanks for reading.