- Support
- 150 HP

- A old computer program, in a very poorly made robot chasis
- Has a Windows 95 (or box TV) for a head.
- Key board propped up, attached to Digit's chest.
- left hand is Tesla coil.
- Right hand in robot hand with a holographic middle finger blurring out.
- Very lanky and lots of wires, cables, either attached into Digit or hanging over limbs.
- Little taller than Lockwood.

Pew Pew Pew Blast Phase No Cooldown"Backspace Backspace Backspace!"
Digit fires 3 electrical pules to target dealing 26 damage, can only target scan marked targets, and can shoot through walls to scan marked targets.

Scanner Sweep Prep Phase Free Action, No Cooldown " Please Enter The URL."
In wide cone (Oblivion Shell size) scan the area, goes through walls, and marks any enemies caught in the cone. They stay marked as long as they're within 7 spaces of Digit.

Code Override Prep Phase 2 Turn Cooldown "Making Minor Improvements."
Target ally gets all their cooldowns reduced by 1, gains 20 shields and can't have any debuffs affect them for the turn.

Cord Lash Blast Phase 3 Turn Cooldown "Makes Troll Face On Screen
Lashes out cables to all scan marked targets, deals no damage, they get all buffs removed, removes 20 shields and get all abilities with cooldowns increased by 1.

File Transfer Prep Phase No cooldown, requires 100 energy " I'll Take That, Thank You."
copy target player's ult like Pup's sub-wolf or Kaigin's specter of death.( if enemy then only do it if they're scan marked)( even if they don't have it.) Then scramble yourself for 2 turns. Only lasts until end of turn, so coping Helio's ult wouldn't last that long.

So, what do you think? It's not the usual type of support, it just puts buffs/debuffs on people. It's ult may be a little OP af.