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    Update Steam with Email to Unlock Rewards

    Hello Lancers,

    We got awesome loot just for updating your Steam account with your email, instructions appear when playing through Steam. Using the Glyph launcher instead? Then you already have unlocked Lockwood's Steeled Skin and the Isadora Hiss Emoji in game! Providing an email makes it easier for our support team to contact should an issue come up, and please opt in so you don't miss out on news and these items.



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    I just did and confirmed my email but now when i press "play" it asks me to create glyph tag. And it'll be permanent and can't be changed. So what is it, where it will be used and will it be visible?

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    ookey. I am just silly. launcher just offered me create new account, and i didn't click "different account". Everything is fine, i just was confused.

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    I also had this problem, when the steam update with new chat has come, try to check your game files via standard options.

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    No entiendo que quieren que haga .........

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