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    List of Various Bugs

    Here's a list of miscellaneous bugs that I've collected over the past few weeks / months. These may be known issues. Some may even be fixed by now. If so, I apologize - I haven't taken the time yet to double check in-game or on the forum -- I'll try to do so and update accordingly.

    Some bugs are unconfirmed -- i.e. I have not tested this but heard it from someone in-game and it seemed right at the time -- if so, I'll tag it as such.

    Bugs are listed in no particular order, but roughly in the order I wrote them down, so the first ones listed might be the oldest (and most likely to have been fixed by now).

    1. [Unconfirmed] Weapon of War (Helio ult mod) -- Might buff is overridden by lesser Might buffs (e.g. mini-powerups from certain ability mods)
    2. Team Damage Swing (post-game accolade) has a typo: damge instead of damage.
    3. Unstoppable on Orion's ult doesn't let you full move (similar problems with Aurora haste on ult and maybe some others)
    4. [Unconfirmed] Rebuild (Mod on Fate Transfer) doesn't do anything.
    5. [Unconfirmed] The game crashes a fair amount at the end of games. I don't know why this is, but it seems like it happens more frequently when a loot matrix becomes available after the game (i.e. if I've earned one for leveling up in the season).
    6. [Unconfirmed] Kaigin's damage achievement doesn't count damage from Razor Tempest.
    7. Looking at your profile while in a custom lobby causes all of the player portraits to shift to the right and no longer become visible (the effect is similar to if you toggled between FourLancer and Deathmatch in a standard PvP queue, but obviously in a very different circumstance).
    8. Current season 5 chapter 1: healing and shielding season mission appears to count damage.
    9. I posted about this one before, but basically if you queue up for SoloQ and meet a friend in the lobby, then the friend invites you to a group and you team up, then the game is dodged and the queue pops again immediately, the ensuing game counts as DuoQ. This appears to be true even if the friend somehow does not make it into the newly re-popped game (!), which has happened.

    Very weird glitches that I don't think I can reproduce:

    10. I loaded into a FourLancer game and my camera was stuck in the very corner of the Flyway Freighter map. I could not see anything except the literal corner my camera was stuck in. Exiting out and relogging fixed the issue.
    11. In that same game, but also in certain other FourLancer games apparently (?), mods are incorrect. In the specific game referenced above, my mods on my lancers were not the ones I had chosen. Some were mods I don't recall ever using, and in some cases, the loadouts added up to more than 10 points.
    12. After a recent scrim (not the fourlancer game referenced above), I attempted to re-watch the match from my match history but it did not load correctly. OK, I thought, I'll just play the next scrim. But when I started the custom game (i.e. after the lobby, when everyone readied up and so on), it somehow put me into spectator mode for the previous scrim that I had attempted to watch. The other players in the game (my teammates and the other team) reported that their game had started as normal, but that I had failed to connect. So somehow I got desynced. I believe this has happened twice, both in connection with having attempted to watch a game in my match history.

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    Thanks for the reports, we'll take a look

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    Yea, thanks Tiggarius! It's great to have this list.

    Some are already fixed (like the issue with unstoppable) - some are fixed in next update (#8 for example) and the rest we are working on getting in-house repro =)

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    I dont think you can full move after orions ult since its not a free action therefore its not a bug. It gives unstop and works correctly as far as i can tell

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