This patch will go live on 10/10/17.
Servers will be down from 7:50 am PST for about 30 minutes.

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Season 4 – Power Grab
  • Season 4 will run for 15 weeks and brings a new format to chapters:
  • Chapters are now 1 per week and feature a specific Trust each week
  • Each chapter has 5 new missions. Complete them to earn flux and loot matrices for that week’s Trust!
  • Each chapter will feature a short blurb about that week’s Trust, giving you a peek inside the world of Atlas
  • Challenges have been replaced with Alerts
  • Alerts are time-limited missions that spawn semi-randomly. Follow our social channels for news about upcoming alerts! (There will also be in-game notifications shortly before Alerts fire off)
  • Complete the Alert within the time limit to earn the reward
  • Alerts can also be passive bonuses, boosting your gains to XP, flux, etc!
  • The Trust theme of Season 4 means that you can earn previously missed Trust skins, as well as some completely new ones!
  • Season 3 participants will earn a Hyperbotics Overcon

Holo Haunt is back!
  • Earn Holo Haunt matrices through daily missions and Alerts
  • All loot matrix purchases (except the $1.99 pack) now include bonus Holo Haunt matrices on top of the normal matrices!
  • Collect skins for Juno, Quark, Rask, and Titus (each with 1 all-new color variation) – as well as Meridian’s brand new “Reaper” skin!
  • New banner emblems and a new background are also available to collect
  • The event runs 10/10/17 8:00am to 11/1/17 8:00am (Pacific Time)
  • Skins will be available for ISO purchase from 11/1/17 8:00am – 11/7/17 8:00am (Pacific Time)

  • Ranked Tier Emblems and Prestige points are now distributed for Season 3. Prestige point rewards have been slightly increased
  • Participation emblems and overcons will be distributed later this week
  • Ranked will be on a short down period and there will be more news when Season 4 Ranked begins
  • Ranked Season 4 will introduce a 2nd ban for each team. This ban will take place after each team has made their first 2 picks. The 2nd player on each team will control this ban.

New Powerup: X-Ray Vision
  • All maps now have spawners for a new purple powerup: X-Ray Vision
  • These powerful, three-turn boosts grant the recipient a vision range increase of two squares and the ability to see over walls and through camouflage (invisible characters will not be revealed)
  • If an enemy has vision of you due to this buff, there will be an effect denoting that they can see you
  • In general, these powerups spawn around turn ten but vary slightly between maps
  • The goal of this power up is to give a tool against cagey comps, to counter running away near the end of the match, and also to reward controlling the center of the map since they are located in that section
  • We would like to hear your feedback on the new power up! Some example useful feedback items would be: how you feel both having the power up and playing against it, feedback on the spawn locations of the power ups, and also thoughts on its spawn timing

  • Master skins now have a smoky/powered-up VFX to make them more noticeable
  • Fixed a rare issue where Kaigin could occupy the same spot as another player after using his ultimate
  • Fixed an issue where Oz clones could sometimes give vision on dashes into brush
  • General optimizations and improvements – memory requirements should be lower for players

  • Doom Ray: Energy increased from 6 to 7
  • Scamper: Forceball targeting range increased by 1. Energy on cast increased from 5 to 6
  • Reactive Chains: Energy per hit and tether reacting increased from 4 to 5
  • Going Ballistic: Cooldown decreased from 3 to 2
  • Over-Overcharge functionality change. Now causes the explosion to always deal the maximum damage of 24 regardless of shield strength

  • Health increased from 120 to 125
  • Damage of all catarangs increased from 24/12 to 26/13
  • Embiggify: Damage increased from 8 to 10

  • Radiate no longer increases healing, but grants the target 10 shielding until end of turn instead.
  • Positronic Surge - Fusion mod now grants 10 shields per ally hit instead of 15