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Thread: So .. What's really changed in the last 6-12 months?

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    So .. What's really changed in the last 6-12 months?

    So, as the title suggests, I have been out of the game for 6-12 months ... pretty much played from the beginning (not Alpha). I think the last "new" lancer I saw was Phaedra or Brynn ...

    So how much has the game changed? Have there been any big shifts in direction? Lancer balance? Game mode balance? Etc?

    I understand some things like the Fade catalyst has seen a big change and the Fog of War just got a massive change that seems to actually be somewhat counter-intuitive (and makes the game worse?) ...

    Looking to get back in but don't want to be taken unaware by massive changes nor find the game much less fun due to massive changes ...


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    6 months. So everything in 2017?

    A few new characters:
    Khita - Ranged Support
    Tolren - Melee Firepower
    Meridian - Melee Support
    Nev:3 - Ranged Firepower
    Isadora - Ranged? Frontliner
    They're all weird.

    Fog of War change: offensive abilities reveal position to enemy team (update last known position marker) regardless of hit.
    Originally it was a bugged: all abilities reveal position. Now dashes do not. Thank goodness.

    Catalyst rework (but you knew that).
    Fade nerf: now slowed during next turn. Everyone switched back to shift.

    New alternate game mode is Fourlancer: imho the only alternate game mode so far to challenge Extraction for "best alt game mode".
    4x time to control 4 characters yourself. So it's 1v1.

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