Here we go again!

Tournament Date: January 27th - 28th

Sign-up: October 1st - November 10th
To sign up, send me your rosters. Your roster must be at least 4 players but no more than 6. Please include each player's Glyph tag and the best way to contact your team's captain.

My contact info:
Discord: Selphius#3838 Glyph Tag: Selphius#1378

Why sign up so early?
This time around, I am not limiting this to teams only involved in the PPL. Anyone with a 4 man roster can sign up and have a shot. Also, a chunk of the preliminary matches will be played over the course of December and January. Teams will be given more of an opportunity to play the early rounds at their leisure as to not subject them to a long and grueling tournament day. Signing up early will give me the chance to create brackets and start assigning matches.

Prize Pool: ?
As of now there is no definite prize pool. I will be supporting it again but not a large amount. Over the next couple of months I will be hosting donation streams on the Damage Inc twitch channel to build the prize pool. At the end of each month I will update how large the prize pool has been built to.