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Thread: [WIP] The Duelist - a 1v1 specialist

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    [WIP] The Duelist - a 1v1 specialist

    __________________________________________________ ______________
    Health: Very low, somewhere in the 75-125 range.
    Role: Firepower

    I envision a male character armed with a grappling hook gun and a melee weapon of sorts. Possibly overly, stereotypically british.

    Primary (1) (Dash+Blast): "Name"
    Dashes a single space and slashes in a chosen directional arc during the blast phase, dealing low damage to the closest enemy

    2 (Prep): "En Garde!" (Free Action)
    Cooldown: 1
    Enters a blocking stance in a chosen direction, deflecting incoming attacks for a complete block of all incoming direct damage or effects from the selected direction for the resolution phase, but at the expense of increased damage or double duration of debuffs from any other direction. When paired with a dash ability, the block remains in place in the same direction selected.

    3 (Dash): "Name"
    Range: 8
    Cooldown: 4
    Aims and fires his grappling hook, pulling himself towards its target, before slashing in a chosen direction to deal damage to the closest target. Thin line targeter, then arc. He can be pulled to enemy and ally freelancers, as well as walls.

    4 (Prep): "Name"
    Aims and fires his grappling hook at an enemy or ally. Enemies are leashed, and any (ally or enemy) dash will pull him along with them, placing him on an adjacent square (exception applied to catalyst dashes)

    Ult (Blast): "Name"
    Fires his grappling hook and, if it hits an enemy, pulls him to an adjacent square to them and slashes at them for high damage.

    Primary Mods:
    "UNNAMED"- 2 - Increases damage
    "name"- cost - description
    "Momentum"- 3 - If used the turn after his 3, 4, or Ult abilities, range of the dash is increased to 3 squares.

    2 Mods:
    "Counter-strike"-3 - If the block successfully deflects 60 damage or more, he gains double damage next turn
    "name"- cost - description
    "Confidence"- 2 - If the block successfully deflects 30 damage or more, reduce all cooldowns by 1 (Cooldown reduction does not, however, affect En Garde!)

    3 Mods:
    "name"- cost - description
    "name"- cost - description
    "Hit and Run"- 3 - If the target is an enemy, the cooldown is reduced by 1 at the end of the turn

    4 Mods:
    "name"- cost - description
    "name"- cost - description
    "name"- cost - description

    Ult Mods:
    "Stand and Fight!"- 3 - Pulls the enemy to him instead
    "name"- cost - description
    "The British are coming!"- 2 - If the targeted enemy is damaged, they are also Weakened until the end of the next resolution phase.

    -Grey family butler?
    __________________________________________________ ______________

    Heavily a WIP. Sword is likely just a placeholder until i decide on a different weapon

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    Update 11-10-17
    Added mods for more abilities, edited some ability descriptions. Also added 1 possible backstory

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