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Thread: Nev:3 Meowch Catarang Mod

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    Nev:3 Meowch Catarang Mod

    Nev doesn't get her bonus catarang damage when she uses the meowch mod if the target dashes into the returning disc, they have to be present in decision phase. Furthermore if it says they take 28 in decision phase then don't get hit by the return catarang (by dashing) and they still get hit by the outgoing catarang they will take the 28 damage


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    Meowch actually has a lot of problems. Enemies hit by the Catarang from your dash don't take extra damage either, and it doesn't seem to apply to your ultimate.
    I understand balance, but for a 3 point mod having it only work when you shoot normally (especially considering that Blackburn's Equalizer mods affect Blitz, and that Elle's Overchage increases the damage of Oblivion Shell) is kinda weak.
    Would rather just take the +1 Energy.

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