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Thread: Loco, El Luchador

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    Red face Loco, El Luchador

    El Luchador

    Art by Night
    Loco looks like a classic luchadore, but with a power gauntlet that increases his strength to compete with some of the larger opponents he has to face.
    Emotions are often considered the weakness of a combatant, Loco disagrees. Utilizing his anger trying to escape from El Luchador is near impossible as not even the most persistent of fools can slow him down. His time as a wrestler has given him skills to control his enemies, and his newly installed power gauntlet has given him the extra juice he needed really put the hurt on his enemies.
    It’s not entirely clear why Loco fights on the field with the other freelances, most speculate he just likes the attention.
    Passive: Enraged – If no enemies enemies targeted by Loco’s abilities are hit he gains unstoppable for that turn.
    1) Backhand (Blast) No Cooldown range 3 width 2.5
    A short range melee attack that deals 26 damage and removes 2 energy all enemies hit.
    Gain 10 energy per enemy hit.
    1pt – Consecutive backhands against the same target deal an additional 3 damage. (Stacks up to an additional 9)
    2pt – Daze – Slow all enemies hit.
    2pt –Singled out - Gain 14 energy if you hit an enemy but no longer stacks with multiple targets.
    3pt – Embarrassing – Increase energy steal to 4.
    2) Give em’ the chair (Blast) Cooldown 4
    Throw a chair at the opponent over significant distance, if it hits a target the crowd goes wild and inspires Loco. The chair remains at the location it lands and Loco can pick it up before the ability cooldown ends to gain 20 shields for the till the end of next turn. Deal 24 damage and slow the enemy. Gain energise next turn.
    Gain 12 energy if you hit an enemy.
    1pt – Bigger is better - Increase width of ability by 33%.
    2pt – More chairs - Reduce cooldown by 2 if picked up, no longer grants energize.
    2pt – Power Throw - Increase damage by 6.
    3pt – Lucha Rage - If the chair misses Loco gains might on the next turn.
    3) Suplex (Blast) Cooldown 5
    At the end of the turn knock yourself backwards and throw enemies in melee range over your head dealing 20 damage. If they hit a wall deal an extra 6 damage.
    Gain 8 energy if you hit a target and an extra 4 if the enemy hits a wall.
    1pt – Awkward Landing - Increase bonus damage by 4.
    2pt – Roids – Throw the enemy double the distance.
    2pt – Solid Impact - Enemies that hit a wall are slowed.
    3pt – Suplex city – If a target is thrown reduce cooldown to 1 turn, increase base cooldown to 7 turns.
    4) Vault (Dash) Cooldown 4
    Dash in a straight line vaulting over the first target and travelling the same amount of squares as initially travelled dealing 20 damage to the initial target if it is an enemy and 24 in a small area of effect where he lands (cannot go over walls).
    Gain 8 energy per enemy hit.
    1pt – Deal and extra 5 damage on initial vault target.
    2pt –Charge – Increase dash range by 1.
    2pt – Mark - Reveal enemies in the landing zone.
    3pt – Double Down - If both parts of the dash hit enemies deal an extra 4 to both.
    5) Flying Press (Dash) No Cooldown
    Jump in the air and dash a small distance then slam into the ground dealing 30 damage and knocking down all enemies in the target area.
    Requires 100 energy.
    1pt – Brovado - The display is so manly Loco gains energize next turn.
    2pt – Off the top rope – Increase dash range by 2.
    2pt – Cannonball – Loco curls into a ball reducing the impact area but increasing damage by 5.
    3pt – Inspire – Allies near the take-off location gain might due to the macho performance.

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    I like the theme... yes, a luchador is def. missing in the game XD

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