PTS Patch Notes
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Chapter 5: War Games
  • An unusual system failure at Helio Corps has Helio enlisting Celeste’s help in tracking down the root of the issue. Meanwhile, the boy genius takes a last minute meeting with Dr. Finn…
  • Check out all-new challenges and missions.
  • Earn a Festive overcon just for logging in!
  • Complete the chapter missions to earn a pjubomb emoji!

New Freelancer: Isadora! AKA the Fury Ball
  • Isadora is an evil genius protected by a potent forcefield and armed with laser beams of doom.
  • She channels her abilities through Killinator, a holotech manifestation powered by her crystal that protects her with a potent forcefield and incinerates her foes with devastating lasers.
  • Frontliner in the Forceball, Firepower on foot. 200% cute, 200% deadly.

Game Mode: Fourlancer
  • IT’S TIME! Control ALL FOUR Freelancers yourself in this new game mode
  • Go 1v1 with another player, where you each control your entire team. The ultimate test of skill and mind games
  • Plays just like Deathmatch with a longer timer and without the ability to blame your teammates
  • F1-F4 select each freelancer in your squad (or ctrl+tab to cycle)
  • Locking in will automatically progress to your next lancer
  • Setting up combos has never been easier!

  • Fill can now look dapper in his new Plaid skin. Purchasable for Flux, just like Fillmore. Fill has expensive taste. (Items purchased on PTS stay on PTS and do not transfer to LIVE)
  • Fixed an edge case where sometimes Brynn and PuP’s primary targeted did not match their exact hit location.
  • Placed targeting templates will now flash red when an ability is cancelled