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    Isadora Bugs and Feedback

    Let us know your thoughts on Isadora and any issues you run into. PTS will be up later today, thanks all.

    Isadora Info:
    • Isadora is a Frontline that starts with 80 hp and 100 passive shields (180 effective health).
    • Isadora's ultimate converts all energy into shields.
    • When her shields are depleted energy crystals scatter out and Isadora drops out of her Forceball and goes On Foot.
    • Isadora gains energy from abilities like normal, but does not gain 5 energy per turn and loses all energy upon death.

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    Her "unique" trap could do some buffs, like doing some damage have more pool range or more cast range, but if i had to choose make it do damage, if you want to trigger it yourself u need to 1st set the trap and then dash away, losing your only scape tool (wich doesn't have the greatest of ranges) not only that but you are using 2 skills with relative long cd, your only scape tool, just for a non damaging pull.

    Speaking of the dash, could have more range on forceball stance 1 or so wont hurt her much isntead of helpěng her a lot, the pull range of the trap could incresae by 1, i know she has a mod that makes her pull be good, but hey for pulling people eficiently we have rampart and pup, i know her pull is an anty teleport tool more than a old school pull, but yeah she could do some damage and have more range.

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