Name: Korin

Role: Support

Description: Korin is a shadow short ward wielder on right hand that can cast shadow towards enemies and allies. He was great with buffing and shielding but lack of dashing and health due of curse ward.

Primary (Blast) "Shadow Ball"
-Target enemy, can attack anywhere and shoot in straight line
-Casting shadow ball from the ward and damage to enemy in line of fire for small amount of damage at up to medium distance. Passive: more energy he gain, the stronger the "Shadow Ball" will be.

2 (Prep) "Shadow Cover"
-Target on ally or self.
-Casting to raise a shadow wall up from the ground, cover ally/self from 1 side of direction for only on same turn. Can go up to medium distance and short cooldown.

3 (Dash) "Shadow Portal"
-Target any available spot within short distance
-Casting a portal for himself to go through anywhere within short distance and go invisible. However, the cooldown is long.

4 (Prep) "Curse of healing"
-Target on ally or self
-Casting a curse on ally/self to gain medium healing. Medium cooldown.

Ult (Blast) "Fall of Eclipse"
-Target on self
-He fuel up so much hate that unleash the power of Eclipse, crashing down upon enemies within medium range from caster for medium damage. Each enemy hit increase self heal by small amount on same turn.

Primary Mods:
"Shadow tracker" 1 point - can now track enemy until next decision phrase.
"Big Ball of Shadow" 2 points - increase width of line by medium amount of degrees
"Multi-Shadow Balls" 3 points - can shoot 3 balls at once, 30 degrees apart from each other if far or 120 degrees apart if close but reduce damage.

2 Mods:
"Shielding" 1 point - if ally/self taken more than medium amount of damages taken the same turn, gain small shield the following turn.
"Serving energy" 2 points - increase energy gain every time enemies hit ally/self through shadow wall.
"Regenerated wall" 2 points - each time ally/self being hit through shadow cover, gain slightly healing out of it upon targeted.
"Drop down cover" 3 points - become free action but increase cooldown to medium.

3 Mods:
"Escape plan" 1 point - gain haste the next turn.
"Recovery" 2 points - regain health by small amount the beginning of next turn.
"No time to hide" 2 points - reduce cooldown to medium but no longer invisible.
"Shadowy Mark" 3 points - left a mark symbol from where portal started for 2 turns, if enemy trigger over it, damaging small amount of damage in 3x3 radius during Blast.

4 Mods:
"Running recover" 1 point - gain haste this turn.
"Energy Curse" 2 points - gain additional energy
"Cursing Ball" 3 points - if you hit an enemy with "Shadow Ball", the following turn using this ability gain additional small amount of healing.

Ult Mods:
"Backup Cover" 1 points - if use "Shadow Cover" after Ult, increase shielding by small amount upon targeter.
"Protector" 2 points - any allies inside Ult range gain small amount of shielding for 2 turns.
"Life Leech" 2 points - increase healing per enemy hit.
"End of days" 2 points - lower the user health remains, more the damage dealt.
"Rebirth" 3 points - User gain medium amount of healing when cast.

He is Kaigin's lost brother who trap inside a Temple by Greys family past exploration, felt betrayal after got infuse with curse shadow ward and Grey shot him down to water while temple was collapsing. Many years has pass until he comeback, half of his body got shadowy looking (blackish) by curse ward to keep him alive. All he can feel now is just nothing but being heartless.