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Thread: Puppeteer/Turret Oz

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    Puppeteer/Turret Oz

    I've been seeing some people do this in casuals (as I do not play ranked). Is this actually a viable strategy?

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    tl;dr - No

    In detail: The first major problem with Turret Oz is that you're litterally playing the Freelancer to about 60% effectiveness. Oz is designed to fight from two different angles, and even if you build specifically to make Turret Oz viable (extra damage from a single laser, Might on swap, etc.) you're still missing out on a whole second "turret." Oz's single-shot damage, while certainly higher than someone like Aurora, is still not even enough to break a Helio shield. You effectively turn a Firepower into a Frontliner that can't tank or ult when playing with your clone only.
    The second problem is that it becomes incredibly predictable to fight an Oz playing like this. You know that he's going to spend his first turn dashing back to his original move spot, so you use all your dash traps on him and then send a Firepower to go find him while he waits for 7 turns for his dash to be back up. Ideally by the time you find him you'll have your dash traps (Nev Mousetrap/Juno Lockdown) back up so you can trap his Dash cata and then kill him.

    It's a really bad tactic employed by newer players because they think "unseen" means "unkillable." It's the same reason most newer players migrate towards Nix and Kaigin.

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    Agreed, turret Oz is the worst kind of Oz espically if you attempt to set it up first turn. Also doesn't help that Oz has one of the worst dashes in game since he can only dash to where his clone is. I have gone straight to his starting location area many times and have had him taken out by turn 4 or 5 and he is normally without a cata at that point because they try to get away and then its just kill Oz all game. Same thing goes for nix also. Once they cata they are easy peasy to kill

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