Kristal, The Bio-Engineered Skunk
Name: Kristal Skunx (Commonly known as Kristal)

Role: Frontliner
Style: Nerfer / Trapper (DISRUPTOR-STYLE GAMEPLAY)
Trust: EvoS

Battle-Ready Quote/Action: *her fluffy skunk tail, bionic legs and bionic arm, and fluffy arm sways side to side innocently, and adorably* LET'S DO THIS! *readies her gun for battle*

Similar to Rask in power, but a great healer like Aurora, Kristal is a Bio-Engineered Skunk that was Bio-Genetically altered by EvoS as a Biological Weapon. However, during testing phases of said Bio-Weapon, she went missing and escaped the TRUST Facility, and disappeared from all radar. She then unsurfaced later when she ran into Dr. Finn, and NEV:3, two old friends of hers back at the EvoS Facility during the Trust Wars. She is great friends with Dr. Finn, and a great sparring partner with Rask when they are not busy with battle. She occasionally enjoys rehabilitating animals that have been abused, and being a competitively tough critter of nature that is capable of packing a punch to her unique style of gameplay, and is able to speak human languages due to said experimentation back at the facility.

Primary (1) (Blast): "Stink Bomb" (BLAST)

2-Target 3x3-block Bomb Launch (medium-range)
Launch 2 pods (3x3 block) at 2 different locations that last for 2 turns, that when an enemy lands, or crosses over in that block on the stage, they get WEAK for 1 turn (until end of next turn), and take Mid-Damage

2 (Phase): "Shamanistic Powers" (PREP)

2-Target 1x1 Bomb Launch (Large-Range)
Launch 2 pods (1x1 block) that can either give an ally HEALING, or cause Small Damage to an enemy, and then inflict WEAK on enemy at end of MOVE Phase to FIRST target to pass over the one pod. The Magic Pods last for 2 turns and disappear after a target crosses over them. [POD EFFECTS DO NOT STACK, AND DAMAGE IS NOT DONE TWICE TO ENEMY CROSSING OVER TWO PODS AT ONCE]

3 (Phase): "Primal Instincts" (PREP)

Cone-shaped Field (Mid-Range)
Gives all allies in range MIGHT and all enemies in range WEAK for 1 turn (until end of next turn)

4 (Phase): "Tackle" (DASH)

1-Ally (Large-range), OR any zone in a Circular Radius (Mid-range) (NOT Past Walls)
Tackle an ally to escape an attack, or get closer to an enemy, and become UNDETECTABLE for 1 turn (until end of next turn)

Ult (Phase): "Skunk Assault" (PREP/BLAST)
AUTOMATIC AoE Circular Radius (Mid-Range)
Release your inner skunk and lay waste to your enemies by leaving a mist of Skunk Gas around you that lasts for 2 turns, and any enemies who start their turn, or move through the area of Skunk Gas ends up REVEALED and WEAK for 1 turn, and in Blast Phase, blast damage is dealt to the enemies in-range doing Mid-Damage to enemies and STUN for end of Turn (Skipping Move Phase) {Similar to that of Rask's ULT}

Primary Mods:

"Range Increased!" - 3 Cost - Range increased to Large-Ranged distance
"Locked On!" - 2 Cost - Bombs now have a Rapid Fuse, having a Target Range (5x5 Block) of effect when landing in target zone, but ONLY ONE Pod is sent out, damage is reduced to Small Damage, and placement lasts for 1 turn
"Primal Timing" - 1 Cost - Time of effect increases by 1 making skill last for 3 turns before disappearing

2 Mods:

"Healing Rage" - 2 Cost - Allies gain MIGHT for 2 turn
"Primal Urge" - 2 Cost -Allies gain HASTE for 2 turns
"Third Time's The Charm" - 3 Cost - Send out 3 pods instead of 2, but enemies are NOT affected by WEAK, yet still take damage

3 Mods:

"Oh Look! More Targets!" - 2 Cost - Increase range to a Large-Range and Wide-Radius Cone of effect for skill
"Do I Have To?" - 3 Cost - Make this skill a FREE Skill and be able to use another skill with it
"Preparations Ready!" - 3 Cost - Use this skill in the BLAST phase instead of the PREP Phase, and do Small amounts of Damage to enemies in range

4 Mods:

"Undercover" - 1 Cost - Increase duration of UNDETECTABLE by 1 turn
"Acrobatic Skunk" - 2 Cost - Go past walls and obstacles
"Secret Surprise" - 2 Cost - Leave a Skunk Bomb at your last location before you dash away for any enemies incoming (Skunk Bomb will apply SLOW and WEAK on enemies who target the location upon landing for 2 turns)

Ult Mods:

"Instinctive Rage" - 2 Cost - Damage dealt to enemies increased to large amounts of damage in Blast Phase Damage
"Primal Strength" - 1 Cost - Casts MIGHT on user for 2 turns after skill is used
"Skunk Control" - 3 Cost - Makes it to where Skunk Assault is NOT Automatically used, and can be triggered normally at player's discretion any time at 100% Energy

~Freelancer Lore~
A Female Skunk Humanoid in a Tank-Top, Shorts, wielding a belt of Skunk Bombs (Bombs encasing Skunk Gas), and a Gun of sorts to launch said bombs to her foes, all specially designed for her. She is tall, and human-like in stance, but Animalistic in nature similar to Rask, despite her cybernetics on her body and formerly being a mere skunk from the wild before being taken in by EvoS TRUST Facility. She is a Bio-Weapon who was designed by Dr. Finn and Dr. Kara in the EvoS Facility back during the Trust Wars between EvoS, Omni, and Warbotics. She was presumably MIA, but later on resurfaced when she came across Dr. Finn and NEV:3. She took a close look at NEV:3 and saw her old friend, Dr. Kara. Unsure if it was truly her, she approached cautiously, and asked if it was her, only to find out it was Kristal's old friend back in the lab back then. They reminisced for a good solid 5 minutes, before returning to the EvoS Facility, and finishing up final preparations on Kristal to have her Lancer-Ready. Kristal fights to defend Nature-based critters and protect animal-kind from extinction as EvoS' Nature Wildlife Activist and Warden of EvoS' Wildlife Preserves.