PTS Patch Notes
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Chapter 4
  • Learn the secrets of Grey’s troubled past. What was the cause of her lost limbs?
  • All new missions and challenge.
  • Earn the PuP “HUH” Overcon just for logging in!
  • Complete the chapter to earn the Brynn “Facepalm” emoji.

New game mode: Lights Out!
  • Lights Out game mode coming soon.

Free Rotation
  • Free Rotation now supports 7 freelancers!

New Master Skins
  • New Master skins are available for Zuki, Titus, Garrison, Asana, and Phaedra!
  • If you already own their Master skin, you'll get the new one automatically (and keep the old one).
  • The old Master skins will remain available for 2 more weeks (obtained in the same way as before). After the 2 weeks are up, they will go in the archive and may be brought back in another form later.

New Adventurer Skin available for Celeste
  • A good thief can steal in any situation. A great thief looks spectacular doing it.
  • The Master version of the skin will be available for ISO and Flux in 2 weeks.

  • All players now see the location of an action taken in fog of war. They do not see movement, but will know from where the action was performed.
  • The Fade catalyst now applies slow to self next turn.
  • Zuki’s primary range has been reduced by 1.

  • Due to popular demand: Players that complete all of the Hyperbotics skin Daily Missions will now receive the "Adeptus Collecticus" title!
  • New achievements exist for all Freelancers’ 4th ability.
  • New reward type: Loading Screen Backgrounds! There are 9 available now, with more coming in the future. You can put backgrounds in and out of the selection pool from the Collection.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate NEV taunts were not giving the correct amount of ISO.
  • More localization support for Korean.